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Partner just diagnosed with breast cancer

8 Mar 2018 19:59

Hi, so my partner was just diagnosed on Tuesday with a breast cancer. She had had a lump for a few months and eventually went to the gp last Monday. The go said she was sending her for a hosp check where they would do scans etc and give her the results on the day! Went to the hospital on Tuesday where she was checked, had a mammogram and ultrasound followed by biopsy’s. We were then brought into a little room with a doctor and a nurse where they told us! Am completely in shock...we both are! She is booked in for 21st March to have the lump and lymph nodes removed and then they have said she will need radiotherapy. They did say however that they wouldn’t be 100% sure what they are dealing with until they have her “open”. 

She is being really positive whilst I’m a complete blubber! I know I’m suppost to be strong and supportive but I’m finding it really hard which then makes me feel selfish! 

How have other people who’s partners have been diagnosed handled it? Just looking for some advice really! 


Re: Partner just diagnosed with breast cancer

8 Mar 2018 20:51 in response to KS2010

Hi there

you are probably not alone in the partner being the blubber, my husband was the same I was the strong positive one and he fell to pieces ! I sometimes think it takes its toll more on the partner/family , with myself ( I’m 43 now and diagnosed with breast cancer June 2016 ) I had my initial screaming crying outburst in the car on the way home from hospital as I had gone by myself then after that I thought i can’t do much about it other than facing it head on , changing diet , and being as positive as I could , I was advised a lumpectomy for a 6cm lump stage 3 with 3 lymph nodes to be removed but I was adamant I wanted a mastectomy as for me if my breast was gone so was the cancer , luckily I pushed for this with a different surgeon as another lump was found when the breast was removed ! My family was my rocks and helped nurse me through chemo as it does hit you like a truck ! My husband after the Initial few weeks was like mr google and researched so much for me was was a great help , be as hands on as you can , as even the little things can be so hard to do through her op and treatment she will have extreme fatigue and will rely on you for help with everything , wishing you both  all the luck in the world xx