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Partner has lung cancer

3 Jan 2018 07:46

Just before the holidays, my partner was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer after a couple of months of throat lozenges, antibiotics and pneumonia.. we are due to see oncologist for first appointment and to start chemo. The wait is anguish! We have been told there is spread to back and abdomen area but not much more yet.

i am trying to stay positive but our world is crumbling. Non curable but treatable cones up a lot- what does that mean exactly?Any advice is appreciated. 

Thank you!

Re: Partner has lung cancer

4 Jan 2018 21:15 in response to Anuska

I'm so very sorry to hear this is happening to you. You're doing right in trying to stay positive - it can only help really, but everyone here knows just how hard it is from time to time. I think it's important to let your emotions out when you feel them coming on hard, so cry if you need to cry, or yell, be angry. 

Non-curable means that unfortunately the cancer most likely won't be able to be removed completely from their body, but with the advanced treatments today they can treat/shrink the tumors/cancer with chemo and radiation so that they can control the cancer and give him and you more time. Many people go on to live for longer periods even with metastasized cancer thanks to new treatments that come out all the time. 



Re: Partner has lung cancer

9 Jan 2018 04:36 in response to flexiblestraws
Thank you for replying Dee. I’m really new to this forum so hadn’t realised you had replied til now. The diagnosis has been confirmed and he is in hospital about to start chemo. The doctor confirmed it is stage 4 lung cancer that has spread extensively. It’s happening so fast- on the one hand glad to be fighting it so fast but on the other, never had a chance to ask questions yet and here we are starting chemo. I want to ask ‘how much time?’ But am scared to. We have a 3 year old and this is breaking me but i can’t let it. Xx

Re: Partner has lung cancer

9 Jan 2018 05:31 in response to Anuska

Hello Anuska.  Thought I would reply to you as I am also awake.  Some people don't want to know "how much time" - totally up to you.  In any event many people who post on this forum are living proof that it is not always an exact calculation by any means.  It just varies so much from person to person.  Make a list of questions that you really want to ask so that you don't forget to ask them.

I really feel for you - not getting your sleep with a three year old to care for is not an easy situation.  Please take care of yourself and let us know how things are going if it helps for you to post here.