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Pancreatic cancer

7 Feb 2018 22:58

My best friend has stomach and pancreatic cancer,I'm just devastated and don't know what to say to her.

Re: Pancreatic cancer

8 Feb 2018 18:13 in response to weebee

Hi there weebee. ...

As someone with cancer, it's just my view ... l didn't want sympathy. . Or sad looks ... what l loved the most was someone just saying ... I'm thinking of you ... or a text saying ... sending you a hug ... or I'm here if you need me ... just a phone call away ... or someone that just listens and even saying .. like one of my sisters did ... I don't know what to say ... 

Everyone is different ... everyone with cancer has up and downs ... and we know people that avoid us because they are scared of saying something wrong ... so just say you called to say hi, and if there's anything they need ... and don't worry if they are up or down ... a chat if they are up ... a hug if they feel down ... don't over worry ... just being there will help I'm sure .... good luck hope that helps a tad xx