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Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

17 Dec 2019 19:06

4-5 weeks ago I went to the doctor after suffering with pains in both my shoulders after having an alcoholic drink. This has been going on for several months now and is really hard to describe. It's like a huge weight is on them, it tends to last about 20-30 minutes and then it's fine and I can continue to drink with no issues, but is significant enough to put me off drinking altogether. Something that I very rarely do anyway. Perhaps once a month. I was sent for an x-ray of my chest and bloods which all came back normal and have also had an ultrasound that appears fine. They are saying they're not convinced its lymphoma. Which isn't very reassuring. I am struggling to find an alternative reason for such pain anywhere 

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

19 Dec 2019 09:20 in response to Kirsibkacey

Hi Kirsibkacey,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I'm sorry to read about the pain you've been experiencing.

As it sounds like you've had a number of tests that have come back OK, try to trust what the doctors are saying. The best thing may be to keep an eye on it, and if it worsens or doesn't go away, then to make another visit to the doctor. It's of course important that you have some relief from this and also peace of mind as to what it may be, so there's no harm in asking more questions if you need to.

Unfortunately no-one here can really offer any advice as to what it may be. But I hope that you find out more soon and that it eases for you.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

19 Dec 2019 09:45 in response to Kirsibkacey

Hi realy theres a lot of reasons for pain like that but best keep of the drink hey ime no dr or anything my parner drank and it was pancreas thats the main beast you dont have to drink all the time either binging now and again is as bad ive got age related calcification on my pancreas so dont touch the stuff but thats not a diagnosis of your prob just haw it effected my partner .p

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

2 Jun 2020 13:13 in response to Kirsibkacey


I have this EXACT same problem. I'll be in no pain, and then once I have even the slightest bit of alcohol, my shoulders and neck feel as though someone is pressing down hard on them, it really hurts. Then after a little while, around 15/20 minutes the pain goes and I can carry on drinking with no issue. I've never been to a doctor about it. Have you had any luck or any idea as to what may be the cause now?




Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

6 Jun 2020 16:27 in response to hannahbanana123

I have suffered this pain for more than ten years, every doctor I mention it too has looked at me like I'm loopy! My pain does feels as if it's an ache with slight pressure, but mainly I would describe it as scratching many needles across unprotected bone from my shoulder to my neck. Or to really paint a picture... I could believe that my blood is somewhat acidic or poisoned and eroding away my bone in my shoulder whilst the blood is traveling past my left shoulder.  My pain does not go away for hours if I even have one sip of Alcohol and I have because increasingly sensitive to the point I am ready for stopping using mouth wash as this also causes the problem. If you happen to gain more insight as to what this could be I would be so greatful if you could pass on the information.



Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

31 Jul 2020 21:33 in response to Kbrk234

I have had this for years. No idea why it happens but it's trapped wind. Take some Windeze or Deflatine and you'll be good in 30mins.

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

25 Sep 2020 01:35 in response to Kbrk234

This is the exact pain that I have, it feels like fire and ice is being forced through an open wound in my bones. Which when described to doctors they look at you like either a hypochondriac or a lunatic. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 7 long years of wide spread pain and fatigue but this pain is completely different, and always brought on with alcohol and a couple of other things I can't pin point but this pain is disgustingly severe and will force me to lie down. Do you get any dizziness or light sensitivity with this? I hope that you find your answers and the doctors listen to you. 

kind regards x 

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

11 Dec 2020 23:42 in response to Kirsibkacey

Hi sorry to hear this lv had the same problem tonight with a num pain all down my left arm lasted 10-20 minutes then fine continued to drink what to know why this is happening? Should l contract my gp about this? Any advice will be helpful xxx

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

14 Dec 2020 19:30 in response to bvickers

I have this and never thought to google it till tonight. 
xmas is coming us so the good old blue wkd is out but just Had that Horrendous pain in my shoulders! The pain is Dreadful and hard to explain but I remember doing a season out in zantie when I was 18yrs (now 37) and being  in the toilet crying for my mum because I thought I was dying with the same pain but I now have it regularly but mainly with real Sugary alcopops.. my mum has always said it's trapped wind and now you've said it maybe she's right have to admit when I put it in google and landed on this page I panicked but after reading comments I'm relieved to see that other people have had the same pain and it's not just me. 

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

14 Dec 2020 22:18 in response to rebecca00

I also get this and have done for at least 30 years. 

Sometimes after having a alcoholic drink a horrible aching type of thing in my shoulder for maybe 30 mins or so. I thing also it is to do with fizzy drinks as I usually have Pepsi in an alcoholic drink.

It is horrible at the time. 

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

18 Dec 2020 18:34 in response to Kirsibkacey

You may have an allergy to certain types alcohol or the sulfites used as preservatives in the drinks hence why manufacturers must put this on labels. There are various tests you can have done to test for this.

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

19 Dec 2020 02:52 in response to Srb24

I have this too. It's a type of alcohol neuropathy

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

9 Jan 2021 22:43 in response to rebecca00

For some reason tonight i googled to get answers for the exact pain I've been getting for years and can't believe i have come across others with the same. I defintley want to find out more. Mines pain is also brought on a lot more with suagary alcohol drinks. I cant believe others go through this 

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

25 Jan 2021 16:21 in response to Kirsibkacey

I'm intrigued to read your post as I thought I was the only one who had this happen! 
I'm 49 now and never drink anymore as whenever I have a drink I get this strange tingle/ache all down my arms and in my shoulders. 
It has always been like this for me, from the first drink I ever had at 18. I've never been a "drinker", just the occasional night out over the years. 

So please don't worry, if it was anything serious I'd certainly know by now!

Pain in shoulders when I've had an alcoholic drink

20 Feb 2021 03:54 in response to Moderator Ben

I have the same pain, it first started whilst on holiday in Turkey in 2011  when I was 20  granted it had been a party holiday and I think it was the last day of a 2 week alcohol binge! I remember what I was drinking -Passoa & fresh o-j; the pain felt like someone had deadlocked  grip on my trapezius muscle between my neck and shoulder, I just put it down to too much fresh orange. 

it has happened several times over the past 9 years the most recent one was during Christmas, now when it happens the pain extends down through my arm  my arms and hands go numb and it also feels like there is acid in my vains all at the same time ( hard to discribe) I get restless and move about to dry and get comfortable, it can last from 15-30 mins. I'm not an excessive drinker, I can happily go a few months without alcohol! 

I'm intrigued to find out that's it's not just me who suffers from this as I sometimes look like a right prat if It strikes!! 

maybe we have an intolerance to an ingredient in certain alcoholic beverages? 

best wishes