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Pain in lower stomach

15 Jun 2021 18:54


ive had a pain in the bottom right of my stomach for over a year. Often after I've had a wee it goes but sometimes it doesn't. I do urinate more but don't have any blood and doesn't hurt to wee. 
I keep getting fobbed off my the doctors as I'm only 25. Has anyone else had any experience? 

Pain in lower stomach

15 Jun 2021 23:30 in response to Missbutterfly



Have you managed to tell them you are not happy? Maybe ask for a second  opinion? Perhaps you could take someone with you to a face to face appointment? Good luck xx

Pain in lower stomach

30 Jun 2021 23:14 in response to Celticlass

I've told them and I went for another drs appointment who keep asking me for a urine sample. I've done like 4-5 within 12 months. Ive found that the right hand side of my stomach is very lumpy too but I have to press really deep to get them. And my back on the lower right is also hurting a little bit over the last few days. I'm extremely worried and it's really taking over my mind.