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Pain in left testicle when sitting down

10 Feb 2021 05:33

Hello, I am 19 years of age. These past two months I've been having ongoing testicle pain while sitting down, it's like a dull ache and it comes and goes. I've been to the doctors about it and I was told I might have something called "epididymitis". However I am so worried about it as i've taken one weeks worth of antibiotics to treat it and the pain is still there. I cant feel a lump whats so ever but it feels a bit sore to touch at the tube? of the testicle. I've had all blood tests and the GP felt my testicle and said it feels fine. Im just so worried, I just feel like i need some type of advice.


To add, ive been having lower back pain when sitting/laying down and I've been having to clear my throat of mucus, I recently went for an X-Ray on my chest to see if there was any anomalys but my lungs were fine.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

10 Feb 2021 11:00 in response to Jack02811

Hi Jack02811. Welcome to the forum.

I'm not a doctor and I have no medical qualifications. Just 40 years of experiencing testicular pain with no apparent cause.

Epididymitis is a tongue-twister to say and I always have problems spelling it.  I've had on and off attacks of epididymitis, plus other vague testicular pains, for years. 

My experience is that a single course of antibiotics don't always clear the infection immediately - sometimes the action is delayed and sometimes more antibiotics are required.  Since the doctor has felt your testicles for lumps and found nothing untoward, there's no immediate cause for worry about cancer.  If you keep getting repeat infections or other pains, then your GP may refer you for an ultrasound scan just to check that there's nothing else going on.  I had this a few years back and it was clear, despite my long history of pains.

In your position I'd finish the antibiotics and give it a couple days to start working.  If it doesn't then contact the GP for advice.  Take paracetamol or co-codamol (max 3 days only for co-codamol!) for the pain.  If the pain gets really bad then contact the GP urgently, or if the GP isn't quickly available, ring 111.  I've had to do this on a couple of weekends when the pain has appeared out of nowhere.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

10 Feb 2021 11:02 in response to Jack02811

Hello and thanks for posting on the forum,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I can understand that having unexplained pain can be worrying.

GP's however are experienced at examining testicles and I am sure that if they felt that you needed further tests then they would have arranged them for you. They seemed to think that it was epididymitis which you can read about here

If the pain is continuing despite taking the antibiotics then do go back and let your doctor know. They may suggest a different course of antibiotics or some simple pain relief.You may find the following website  helpful on checking your testicles which you can look at  here

I can't say what is causing your other symptoms but it  is reassuring to hear that your bloods and chest X ray found nothing concerning.

Worrying about our health can cause a lot of anxiety and can sometimes help to make symptoms worse.  I am not sure whether you have come across a website called 'Every Mind Matters' which you can see here

If you are sitting down a lot try and make sure that you are taking regular exercise.  Sitting down too much in front of the screen particularly during this pandemic does nothing to help our spine.

Do bear in mind that testicular cancer is not a common cancer and your GP has done his best to get to the bottom of why you are having your different symptoms.

I do hope that the pain gets better soon.

All the Best,


Pain in left testicle when sitting down

10 Feb 2021 18:07 in response to CRUK Nurse Catherine

Thankyou so much for reasurring me, I have been dealing with alot of health anxiety recently and i've been searching my symptoms with obviously dosent help the cause, but thankyou so much. I get so worried at times I just believe every ache I get is due to an illness or such as.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

27 May 2021 23:37 in response to Jack02811

hi jack i am also 19 and experiencing testicular pain. i understand how you feel as i also they anxious about aches and pains. i just wanted to let you know you're not alone, i went to the doctors today and was told the same as you i think. he said it may have something to do with lifting heavy things such as gym equipment, not sure if that might explain anything for you. i i'm going for a scan soon, he advised me to stop lifting weights for a short while. hope things have cleared up for you by now Happy

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

20 Jun 2021 13:43 in response to HarrisonN

Hey, I'm also in the same situation, however I am 23. 
I've been having mild aches or shooting pains in my left testicle - after googling - like I do, I thought I had testicular torsion, I rushed to the hospital and was told it was epididymitis - my only struggle with this is there was no infection in my urine and I have no burning or anything either when I urinate. I was previously diagnosed with health anxiety and I fully understand your situation. I'd be keen to find out if you ever got a resolve for this. Con.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

21 Jun 2021 09:44 in response to con2757


I have also put an answer on the other conversation you posted.  It is a while since Harrison and Jack posted so they may have moved on from the forum now.  Also what happened to them could be very different to what happens to you, but usually problems like this do resolve so try not to worry too much.  In most cases these problems will not be caused by cancer.


Pain in left testicle when sitting down

22 Aug 2021 17:25 in response to con2757


I am 56 and was diagnosed with epididymitis at 30. I had 3 children and my wife didn't work. The pain was constant and at times drained me of energy and I felt ill. I saw a doctor who tried various medication and some had some nasty side effects like mouth ulcers. He eventually referred me to a specialist but after waiting over 6 weeks found out if I simply paid about £70 I could go private and see him straight away ! Still feeling like death and struggling through trying to support a family.. The specialist confirmed the diagnosis but despite scans and more antibiotics nothing worked. I was in pain for two years but it gradually disappeared. 

I've posted today in case others are in the grips of this and are losing hope and share advice. 

Driving, especially faster makes it worse. Wearing jeans makes it worse due to the thickness of the cloth around the groin. Big tip here without sounding too stupid is to not wear boxers but not one but two pairs of pants. This restricts movement and made a massive difference. Also best to wear them when you go to sleep. Sleep on your back. 

Nothing to add but I have controlled it to the point I forget about it though it has returned on a couple of occasions over the last 25 yrs. When you know there is an end in sight then hopefully I give you this assurance be it with my unorthodox approach.

I did not get it from any sexually transmitted disease but its common with cyclists, lorry and tractor drivers !




Pain in left testicle when sitting down

16 Sep 2021 21:26 in response to PChitty

Hi I'm Mark

I've just came across this chat as I've been dealing with pain in my left testicle for the last 7 months.

I'm a 31 year old.

My pain came on and initially I thought it could be cancerous. I went to my GP and got assessed to which they couldn't find any lump or any sign of cancer. Which as you can imagine was a huge relief. I was told it could be epididymitis so was given a course of antibiotics to which it had no effect. I was given them again a few weeks later with no effect again. 

I was then referred to see a urologist. However the waiting list was quite long due to the pandemic. I ended up paying privately and going to a hospital in Bristol where I met with a urologist who said that I'm suffering with chronic nerve pain. He then referred me to meet with a pain management specialist to which I'm about to start using medication for the pain relief so I'm hoping this will help massively as I get days where the pain is unbearable. I find it worse if sitting down or driving for to long.

The pain management consultant has said that if I don't react well or find that medication is working that there is injections that can be done. Has anyone tried these? Found them effective? 

I know things will get better with time, I just have to try different things that work for me first! 

I am really glad I'm not alone in this struggle and that their are others out their like myself. 

Thanks PChitty for the suggestions I wil definitely try these! 

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

16 Sep 2021 23:02 in response to Mark18211990

Best wishes Mark and remain confident you'll get back to normality in good time. It just starts a bit harshly and can make you think it's permanent due to the initial duration and a lack of a quick fix from the Doctors ! It does burn itself out but can hang around for a year or so. Hope you get some positive control results from my methods.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

10 Nov 2021 22:02 in response to telemando

Hi all I have had a pain in right testicle which started with a sharp pain but is now just a dull nuisance but can be a sharp pain from time to time  but don't know what to look for am waiting to go go for ultra sound scan  all blood tests and urine tests came back clear but am still very worried as it is uncomfortable to sit too long and not getting any definate answers to this pain.  I have had two lots of antibiotic tablets and none have worked am fedup with the discomfort and waiting for this ultrasound scan thing can anyone give me a rough idea how long I need to wait any info would be Smashing 

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

11 Nov 2021 06:23 in response to Sweeper

Hi Sweeper. 

I waited about 6 weeks for a non-urgent ultrasound of my testicles.  I was suffering from random testicle pain and repeated episodes of epididymitis.  The scan was clear. 

I've suffered from these pains, off and on, for at least 20 years.  I don't know what causes them. 

My only practical suggestion is to ensure you have adequate pain-killers to hand when the pain strikes.  This is worth discussing with your GP.

Pain in left testicle when sitting down

11 Nov 2021 11:44 in response to Sweeper

Hello Sweeper and thank you for your post in the Ask the Nurses part of Cancer Chat,

I am sorry to hear about the pain you have and I can appreciate you are worried about it. So far no test has come back with any worrying results and you are now waiting to have the ultrasound scan.  You will have to wait until you have had this done to understand if there is anything the matter. I am afraid that no one here can diagnosis you.  

How long you will wait will depend on the type of referral that was made, for example if a cancer is suspected you would wait about 2 weeks, although this is a longer wait in some hospitals. If it is a non-urgent referral it may take 18 weeks, although some people are seen earlier. So to understand more about the type of referral that was done and how long you could wait do talk with the doctor that arranged it. 

Waiting for tests and then the results can be a worrying time so I hope you have some support.  In the meantime if your pain is a problem do talk with your GP about how best to manage it 

I hope you will be okay. Please get back to us if you need any more information or support.  You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Take care,


Pain in left testicle when sitting down

16 Nov 2021 13:54 in response to Jack02811

I am currently experiancing these exact same symptoms as the first post, I went to the doctor last week and he prescribed me antibiotics, I finish the course tomorrow, my lower back is also injured and the doctor did wonder if this was connected (pinched nerve maybe). Urine and blood all clear. Pain is mainly when driving in the car. I too have been having to clear my throat/lungs (clear flem) but I wonder if that is a reaction to the antibiotics.

Anyway, back to the doctors tomorrow to see how the antibiotics worked (no difference after 8 days so far)


Pain in left testicle when sitting down

16 Nov 2021 16:19 in response to Clarky860

Hey Clark, sorry to hear that you're experiencing the same sypmtoms for me. After all the weeks worrying about my testicular pain, I realised I had major health anxiety. I was so scared of getting cancer and the worry just wouldnt stop, until the pain stopped. Its been around 8ish months and Im no longer having any symptoms. I guess I was just worrying about it so much that I was making it worse maybe? Idk, if theres any science behind that. I mustve messaged the doctors about 30 times a month nearly worrying so much about all these different symptoms but as time went on the pain just went. Also that goes to anyone else suffering from health anxiety, trust me it will get better I promise you.