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Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

24 Feb 2019 14:25

Hey all, 

Over a month ago I noticed that my breast was really sore on the left side toward my armpit. I didn't think much of it first as I have lupus so I seem to always have aches and pains. But one day I was feeling it and I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more "tissue" in that area (if that makes sense?) than on the other side. It seems to only have gotten more sore the longer I've waited for answers. I've beent to the doctor a few times and to be quite honest I am just not impressed with Ireland's healthcare (ther is a bad rep for women's healthcare here). First doctor told me that he could not feel anything in my breast unusual at all, while poking around in the very painful area and clearly seeing me in pain. He said it was probably just an inflammation of chest wall, which seemed ridiculous to me as I can feel that it does not seem like it is in my chest wall. I told him I feel lumpiness but he wouldn't listen. 

Second (female) doctor told me that she could feel no cancerous lump but that it seems to be glandular - indicating she could feel something there but not a lump necessarily. She agrees with me that it is in my breast, however, so referred me to a breast clinic which she says could take 6-8 weeks to hear back from. 

I'm really worried as it is so sore and I can very clearly feel something there. Then I was reading about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and how it doesn't usually present with a lump and spreads rapidly and is virtually incurable and now I've seriously freaked myself out and feel that I get zero answers from doctors here. 

I was told even after the breast check they will most likely just prescribe me evening primrose oil and tell me to come back if it doesn't go away - this seems insane! What if it is cancerous? Surely that is too much waiting!

I have never had soreness in my breast before in my life. I am 29 years old and surely if it was hormonal or something I would have experienced something similar by now?

I'm really worried. Any advice would help greatly!

Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

25 Feb 2019 00:17 in response to ElishaM

Hi im seeing my gp tomorow. Dreading it. My Left Breast has massive hard lump to my left side and expands to my nipple area. So i hope my doctors dont fob me off as i will go to A/E hospital. I think you should go there and say you want a scan or exray. Or you could ring the number on this site who will help you on the time you have to wait. I really hope its not cancer for you and i will say a prayer for you and myself that everything comes back normal. Take care and keep me informed on how you go.

Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

13 Jul 2019 07:58 in response to ElishaM


can I ask did you ever get to the bottom of this?

i have exactly the same thing been to the drs several times and finally been referred to the clinic but my pain is worsening. 



Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

20 Jul 2019 20:13 in response to ElishaM

Can I asked what happened because I have exactly the same thing and really worried. 

Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

1 Aug 2019 22:48 in response to ElishaM

I have this awful pain and no lumps at all but somehow my breast feels different, the pain is awful and painkillers won't take the edge of even a little bit.

Planning on going to the doctors when I get a day off but I'm major worrying as it's in my family history on both sides Sad

Did anyone on this thread get an answer? 

Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

1 Aug 2019 22:55 in response to Vickilou14

I've been referred by my doctor to get it checked out but they said they didn't feel it was anything to worry about. They are just getting it checked to be on the safe side. 

Please dont wait till you have a day off. Make your health a priority my sweet. You will only worry more and if (fingers crossed its not) it's anything that needs treatment the earlier the better. 

Wishing you all the best.

Pain in left breast on upper left side towards armpit

1 Aug 2019 23:01 in response to Happy123

I'll try, I hope you get on well best wishes x