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Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

12 Mar 2021 10:22 in response to Laraine53

Hi Loraine,

So sorry to hear that you had such an awful experience, sounds like you are coping well with everything and have a positive attitude, well done you.

I have had two Cancer operations on my lungs one being approximately 6 years ago and the other approximately two years ago. I still suffer chest pain mainly when I take a deeper breath. If I’m feeling out of sorts it always feels worse and also worse at night. I guess it’s something we will have to live with for the remainder of our lives. I also get nerve damage pain and this  will happen unexpectedly when I moved awkwardly. 

At this moment in time I am suffering with daily headache and waiting for a head Scan, fingers crossed on this  one, I have also been shielding for the best part of a year. 

Wishing you well, stay positive and remember that we have survived.





Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

13 Mar 2021 18:30 in response to Roz

I had my left lower lobectomy by thoracotomy six weeks ago on Feb 1st, 2021 to remove a NET (1.6cm x 1.5 cm). I am a 51-year-old male. I am recovering well. Have slight pain, numbness, and tingling sensation in the op area but nothing unbearable. I had stomach bloating when I was in the hospital.

Started noticing a soft bump (size of my palm) right below my left breast after the surgery. This area feels cold when I drink cold water and feels warm when I drink hot drinks. It is slightly painful when I sleep on my stomach. My pulmonologist said that it is because my intestines moved up to fill the gap created by the removal of the left lower lobe. Did this happen to anyone? Does this go away?  



Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

13 Mar 2021 20:11 in response to NETUser

 My first  op was my right lower lobe (Segmentecttomy) and the other was on my left upper lobe (trisegmentectomy). I didn’t think I would reach my 60th Birthday but hear I am now 66. 

I didn’t have the hot and cold feeling, I had tingling and was numb and to touch for some time after the first op but it did eventually go away. You need to give yourself time, I pretty sure you will improve in time.

i have been really fortunate as my second cancer was grade 4 but I believe all removed and no chemo necessary.

Hope you feel better soon.




Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

15 May 2021 09:59 in response to kaz2

My operation was same I was told by thoraxic sergeon it was my muscle and because they went in via chest wall the had to stretch the ribs and cut the nerves that's why I still feel numb under breast and chest area but saying that it kinda hurts too but the said the nerves are trying to reconnect so I get pains all over I get it now it will take a long time to heal fully remember it's major surgery so it takes longer than we think all the best

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

15 May 2021 22:33 in response to Lynn_B

Hi Lynn- what you are describing is exactly what I went thru. And I'm sorry to tell you, but for me, I still have pretty much the same pain. I have been thru the ringer on pain management at this point. Having tried therapy, patches, many many meds. So what's working for me now is a combo of opioids and and methocarbinal. That blocks the nerve pain and relaxes the muscles. It has been 5 yrs for me. Thank God!!! So I do what I can to control it and try to just keep on movin on!!! Peace and love to you. 

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

4 Jul 2021 08:31 in response to kaz2

Hi Karen 

hope you are feeling much better with the pain, I had a lobectomy in April, had the lower lobe removed in my right lung, I also have pain in my right breast it comes and goes, also still have pain in the middle of my back, think this is down to the positive your in when they operate.




Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

5 Jul 2021 16:20 in response to kaz2

Hi Karen sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I had much of my right lung removed in 2013 and I still have a lot of pain,mainly in my right breast, arm and all across my chest in fact it is so bad I can't wear a bra.  I constantly feel as though I have a tight band across my chest and I cannot carry anything heavy otherwise it causes terrible pain.  I find it verydebilitating and dread the cold weather as that makes it worse.  I feel guilty about complaining about  the operation which saved my life and think all this pain is perhaps a small price to pay.  I have never smoked.  I was referred to a pain clinic a couple of years ago but it was useless and my life is still affected by pain.  i keep hoping that one day the pain will receed and disappear altogether.  I take paracetamol daily which calms the pain a little but on a very bad day I take ibuprofen too. 

If anyone has any suggestions about relief of this pain I would be most grateful. 

Yours hopefully 


Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

5 Jul 2021 18:25 in response to Dayneb

Hello all,


im so sorry some of you are still suffering.  It's been 9 years since my first diagnosis and indeed my op.  The pain is much better now, although I do still get the odd twinges.


unfortunately my cancer has been back for a couple of years now.  I have a lymph node in my chest that is inoperable due to the fact it's so close to my heart.  I had chemo in January which did nothing , followed by a trial I started in March.  Since then it's remained stable but it's early days yet.  I have a fabulous doctor looking after me and I remain positive as always and continue to enjoy my life.

Good luck to you all.

Karen x

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

5 Jul 2021 19:22 in response to kaz2

My heart goes out to you, we can only trust in the css as de we get ,and our own positivity! Good luck and keep that chin uoxxxx

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

5 Jul 2021 22:19 in response to JMP

thanks for the encouraging message.  it feels good to know there are others who sympathise. best wishes and love from dayneb xx

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

7 Jul 2021 06:26 in response to Dayneb

Hi Dayneb.

Sorry to hear about your persisting pain. I have had 2 surgeries to remove lung tumors. An open thoracotomy and a camera assisted surgery. I totally recognize the pain you describe. 
I have obtained a lot of pain relief with gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day. If you have not tried this already perhaps you can have a talk with your doctor to see if this could be a possibility for you?

All the best 



Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2022 19:06 in response to kaz2

Hi Karen.

I'm Joanne, I have had top left lung removed due to Cancer tumor. I've had it removed April 2021 so I'm 10 months away from it showing no more cancer. I still have numbness in left breast and under the left armpit too. I've been told the nerves might a while to come back. Hope this helps you. I also just had a lot of pain under the bottom of left ribs so had X ray Monday 9th Jan 2022 spoke with GP reception today and said something has been found on my X ray which GP will ring Monday 17th Jan 2022. I will be worried an anxious now as don't know if cancer is back or its something else my head is a mess. Will let you and every one on here know when Monday comes. If you need anymore advice on your pains or nerves please contact me. Take care Karen. Joby. 


Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

14 Jan 2022 23:32 in response to Joby

Hi Joanne, it's been 10 years this year since my op.  My cancer has been back and treated a few times now over the years and I count myself so very lucky. 

I am so sorry that your GP receptionist gave you that news over the phone and now you have to worry until Monday.  Things that show up aren't always as bad as we think but I understand how you feel.  I pray that all will be well for you Joanne and please let us know what your doctor says.  Sending love and positivity to you x 

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

15 Jan 2022 02:45 in response to kaz2

Hello kaz2. I just had my anniversary too. Yesterday it was 6years. It's still very hard and has definitely changed my life forever. But thanking God that we are all here today to share our stories and help others. But I have found you really need to be your own advocate to keep getting care. We are all warriors!!! Keep fighting the good fight ladies and gentlemen!! 

Pain 10 months after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

15 Jan 2022 08:55 in response to shana

Congratulations Shana!  I totally agree it does change your life and you do have to make sure you're getting the best care.   We are very lucky to be here when so many others aren't.  I'm just waiting to see my oncologist to see what he can do for me.  I still have a small cancerous lung node that has been kept under control with various treatments but has shown some very small growth.  I remain positive we can keep it under control.  Lots of new treatments have come through in the last 10 years so I remain positive!

I shall continue to enjoy life as this disease has taught me that none of us are invincible and we really don't know what's round the corner.

continued good health to you Shana and to all of us x