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Ovary,back and groin pain

15 May 2019 15:31

Hi, sorry in advance for the long post. I suffered a miscarriage in March last year. After my bleeding stopped I continued to have severe pain in my right ovary. This would come and go, along with bloating. My stomach looked as big as it did when I was 8 months pregnant with my first born. The pain became so severe I went to A&E one evening. I was told it could be IBS. I was always doubtful of this as there was no change in my bowel movements etc. The pain was always worse after any kind of physical activity, even a brisk walk. Chasing my toddler became a nightmare. Sex was extremely painful, during and afterward. I had a pelvic exam (so painful I nearly fell off the table). I then fell pregnant again in July and was finally sent for an urgent pelvic US. They found a 4cm cyst on my right ovary but I was told it was a common cyst that would disperse. The pain stopped and didn’t return again until 5 weeks after my daughter was born (March). The pain is so much worse now. My right ovary aches constantly. If I put any weight on my right leg the pain is unbearable. I’ve also been getting sciatica. After taking my kids to the park today I can barely move. The pain is now also in my groin. My doctor is requesting another pelvic exam but I’m worried sick. Has anyone experienced anything like this in the past? I need to stop using google as every time I check my symptoms it brings up posts for cysts or cancer. Any advice would be appreciated 

Ovary,back and groin pain

15 May 2019 18:11 in response to Claireb88

Hi there, 

Sorry to hear about the symptoms you’ve been suffering with. I am not a medical professional, but have experienced lots of gynaecological symptoms throughout my life. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Common symptoms are abdo/pelvic pain, painful sex (during and after), painful periods, irregular periods... and a whole host of other symptoms depending on where the endometriosis is. It may be an idea to get a referral to gynaecology as you may find more answers there? It may not be appropriate but it’s always another avenue to consider! 

Good luck and take care Happy xx