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Ovarian cancer worries

16 May 2018 11:41

i have always had troubles with my ovaries, particularly the left one. Everything from horrific periods and heavy bleeding to noo bleeding at all but dark brown discharge . I have had at least 10 cysts errupt over the past 5 years and some cases have resulted in me being in hospital with the pain being so severe. Recently (the past 4/5 months) I have been experiencing more trouble. I have constant small bloating. I can barley manage to eat anything but yet my stomach bloats to the extreme after just a few bites, resulting in severe stomach pain, pressure on my ovaries and bladder. I constantly have a dull pain in my left ovary which st least twice a day turns into a sharp stabbing pain which is unbearable. My urination has been more frequent that usual too. I have had an ultrasound in January which only showed up an erupted cyst (as usual). I went to my GP on Monday who has given me tablets to stop bloating by relaxing my bowels but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect. I am only 18 years old and I have read it is unlikely to have ovarian cancer, but not impossible. My GP said it could be a possibility but as it is very unlikely I haven’t been sent for any further scans, but I have been told to go back for a physical examination. As I have had these problems for a while it is a daily worry that it is something serious. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms? And Does anyone have any advice on how to get the doctor to send you for more in depth scans? I feel like I’m just getting nothing from them. I just want to have the peace of mind and get it checked out. 

Re: Ovarian cancer worries

16 May 2018 14:06 in response to La2606

Hi there ... if l were you I'd deffinatly go see another g p .... try to take someone with you who is quite good at not being fobbed off ... and explain like you did here, you've had about 10 cysts erupt and now enough is enough ... you want a propper scan ... 

Yes it is improbable but like you say possible ... it's your body... your life ... your health ... you fight for it ... years ago, when l was young l let something go medically and deeply regret it ... 

I'll go there virtually with you ... whispering in your ear ... don't sound angry or upset just tell them strait ... good luck ... let us know how you go ... big strong vertual hug ... Chrissy ❤

Re: Ovarian cancer worries

16 May 2018 16:16 in response to Chriss


thanks for you reply. I have been to 2 different GP’s and they both are no good, thinking of maybe trying a different doctors practice.

I went on Monday and asked for a CT scan to be arranged but they said they can’t do that without anything showing up on the ultrasound, despite the last time having another erupted cyst show up. When I questioned it they said ‘you’re young it’s coomon’. But when I’ve done my own research it shouldn’t be as severe as what I’m experiencing. 

Thank you for your advice though, I am due to go for a physical examination on Tuesday and I’ll now certainly take someone with me who can be more demanding! 

Hopefully it isn’t anything serious but I can continue worrying daily about it! 

Thanks again

laura x

Re: Ovarian cancer worries

16 May 2018 16:28 in response to La2606

Hi .. try McMillan free phone or the free phone on the home page here .. Mon to Fri .. ask them where you stand ... they deal with these things all the time ... hopefully ask the nurses may pick up your thread and they may have better advice then me ... but try not to over worry in the mean time as the odds are on your side ... Chrissie x