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Ovarian cancer or ibs?

8 Mar 2018 22:23

Hello everyone, I am new to this but for a good few months now I have been struggling with really bad bloating, gas and going to the toilet alot. I am only 18, one time i was at dance and i had to run and leave to go to the toilet because i just had a random urge of using it and I had lots of diarrhoea. The pain never goes, i look about 7 months pregnant when i eat foods and this pain hurts alot when i exercise or sit down. I get very tired, i exercise twice a week and work 5 days a week but my fatigue is very bad.. i also wee alot! I always sometime sseek to wee myself or need to go urgently, i know i am only 18 but i am really worried it could be more than ibs? I did go to the walk in center and she took a few infection tests which were all clear but im just concerned! I have doctors tomorrow and i know they are useless and will let it go over my shoulder but i have aniexty which makes my situation 10 times worse ! X

Re: Ovarian cancer or ibs?

8 Mar 2018 22:48 in response to Ellie16

Hi Ellie. Welcome to the forum.

I am not a doctor, but I have suffered from IBS for 40 years!

You ask about ovarian cancer. This is extremely rare in someone aged 18. So is bowel cancer. 

On the other hand, IBS is all too common. I was first diagnosed with it when I was about 24, so not a lot older than you. I am familiar with the pain, with the running, with the diarrhoea AND constipation, with feeling randomly sick, and the peeing, too. Not to mention being a founder member of the all England international farting team, despite the lack of lottery funding. Been there and done that. Also, anxiety DOES make IBS worse, which simply builds into a vicious circle.

Unfortunately, there is no specific test for IBS, so your doctor has to rule out a number of other conditions first. This means you might be subjected to a battery of tests. Don't be alarmed if this happens. 

If you are diagnosed with IBS, then are some useful medications. You can buy Aloe Vera juice, which is very helpful, and many sufferers find strong peppermint helps reduce the symptoms. You can buy Buscopan in most supermarkets and chemists. Your doctor can prescribe Colofac (Mebeverine) or Alverine Citrate that you take 30 mins before meals. If these don't settle down your symptoms, then you might find the FODMAP protocol useful, but this does take a commitment of around 6 months, and can be difficult to stick with.