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ovarian cancer

3 Jan 2018 12:30

Hi my name is Meg,

At the begining of december i had a radical adominal hysterectomy which next day Iwas told had large tuomour removed from pelvic area which was unusaul in behavior to ovarian cancer but might be cervical tumour but consultant would tell me more after histology report. Today three weeks later I am off to oncologist I gues to discuss findings and treatment but do I have to agree treatment then and there as I like to think and research first also I am still in pain after surgery how soon will treatment start as feel not ready for chemo or radiotheapy yet. 

My mother recently died of ovarian cancer after three years of chemo so I am slightly scepical and wonder if it is worth it as her quality of life was zero for the three years before she died. Feeling confused can any one offer advice or experiences to help me ?/

thank you , meg


Re: ovarian cancer

3 Jan 2018 20:06 in response to megb246

Hi meg ... hysterectomy takes a fare old while to settle, so take it slowly ... well re your question, i can only say what my cancer Dr did for me ... after mastectomy and tests done, he gave me all pros and cons and % of different treatment ... I'd told him from the first appointment, l wanted to have a few days to ponder on all results, like you , l wanted to be fully aware and as informed as poss ... but I do have lots of bone problems so needed to take that into account... he was amazing , he knew l would do what was right foe me ... he supported me 100% and I'll be forever grateful as I've met a few people who felt they had lost all control ... 

You could ask for couple of days that you want, then do what is right for you ... you are the only one who knows what road to take ... l did what was right for me, wrong or right , it's down to me ... but listen to everyone and take their point of view but decide for yourself ... 

Sending you caring thoughts ... Chrissie xx