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ovarian ca

8 Feb 2012 02:47

Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed and am having biopsy soon to see if ovaries are primary site or secondary to breast ca of

15 years ago.  Have been reading all your posts on ovarian ca chat site and am hoping you'll all help me through this!

Love to all , Hazel x

Re: ovarian ca

8 Feb 2012 13:56 in response to haze44

Hi haze44,

Welcome to Cancer Chat!  You have come to the right place - there are really lovely ladies here with ovarian  cancer. You can read, for example, one of their threads here and perhaps drop them a line if you wish.

It must be a difficult waiting game for you at the moment and once you have results from the biopsy, you will probably feel better as you will know where the primary site is. Not knowing is often very hard.

I am sure you will meet lovely people here who will be there to help you through this and in fact I am sure you will soon be helping one another.

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: ovarian ca

10 Feb 2012 21:31 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thank you, Lucie. I have just got home after biopsy under CT., and have an appointment with oncologist on 22nd Feb.  Am going to try to carry on as normal until then!  I haven't seen any new posts from the oc ladies lately, hope they are all OK.

Hazel x

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Re: ovarian ca

10 Feb 2012 23:11 in response to haze44

Hi my name is Laura and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2011.  I had a full hysterectomy and they got 95% of it out, but I still have to undergo chemotherapy.  I have my third one on Feb 28,

Re: ovarian ca

11 Feb 2012 17:28 in response to lauraab

Hello Laura, thanks for your reply.  Good luck with the chemo on 28th - not the best of experiences as I know from when I had breast cancer!  Wish I were as far on with treatment as you, but my team wants to make sure where my current cancer originated from before planning anything, so I have to wait until I see my oncologist on 22nd. for biopsy result.  I just want to get some treatment underway asap!

By the way, I am 67, how old are you, Laura?

All the best, Hazel x

Re: ovarian ca

11 Feb 2012 19:06 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel,

I am 46 years old and I live in the USA.  I have two sons Jacob 16 and Joshua 10.  I want to wish you all the best on the 22nd.  I will be praying for you.  Anytime you want to talk just don't hesitate to write.  Talk to you soon.



Re: ovarian ca

12 Feb 2012 09:25 in response to lauraab

Thanks Laura,God bless.  Will be in touch when I have more news.

Hazel x

PS forgot to say I live in Essex, S.E. England.

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Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 10:06 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Sorry to trouble you but I have recenrly edited a couple of my messages in "coping with cancer, ovarian cancer" site and now ALL my mssgs seem to have the "edit/delete" option instead of the "reply" option at the bottom, so nobody can contact me. 

(I have also sent this mssg via 'contact a moderator' route.)

Regards, Hazel

Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 10:42 in response to haze44


I read your posts and was wondering how you were getting on?  Have you had the results yet?



Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 11:54 in response to Josie2

Hi Jo, thanks for your message.  Yes, have had first chemo on 8th - a lot has happened since I last posted here!

If you want to join a really friendly, helpful site, go over to 'coping with cancer, ovarian cancer" which is where I "live" now.

Hope to see you there, you will get a big welcome from all the other people on there!

Love, Hazel x

Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 16:30 in response to haze44

Hello Hazel,

You are not troubling me at all! I replied to your email, but just wanted to reassure you that only you can see those 'edit/delete' options - other users, however, will be able to see the 'reply' option and so they should have no problem contacting you. Let me know, however, if for some strange reason they tell you that they can't reply to your posts!

Best wishes,


Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 17:08 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hello, Lucie,

Thanks for your reply.  I have e-mailed you back, but this may be quicker.

I really don't know what I was thinking when I contacted you - the site just suddenly looked wrong somehow!

Blame it on old age or, as the other ladies say, a 'chemo head' !


Kind regards,


Re: ovarian ca

21 Mar 2012 20:29 in response to haze44

Don't worry Hazel, it was a valid question. Hope all is working fine for you and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problem or question - that's what we're here for !