Our scientists could have found cancer's Achilles heel

4 Mar 2016 11:07

Have you seen the news this morning?

“This fascinating research gives us vital clues about how to specifically tailor treatment for a patient using their immune system. It gets us closer to knowing why some patients respond to immunotherapy treatment and others don’t, and how we might select which patients will benefit the most. As well as suggesting a new way to treat cancer, the research fills key gaps in our knowledge about the effects of the immune system on tumours. This gives us hope of developing better treatments for some of the cancers we have previously found hardest to treat.”  - Professor Peter Johnson, Cancer Research UK's chief clinician

We have this animation to help explain some of the science involved:


You can read more about the story behind the headlines on our Science blog

"Although it’s early days, it offers hope that we might just be able to turn the tide against advanced cancer – something we desperately want for our patients" – Professor Charlie Swanton, Cancer Research UK