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Our Race for Life got over £3,000

29 May 2019 14:13

Really pleased.  Even more pleased that after months of having to stop running training due to chemo side effects, and then last minute hitches like starting to blackout 3 weeks before the event, having resigned myself to likely not being able to walk more than a couple of km of it I ran around 3km and fast walked the other 7m.  Thankfully the Palliative Care Locum (also my oncologist's wife) suggested that they do a blood transfusion due to my haemoglobin levels being terrible.  That was on the Thursday, and on that day I didn't even manage to walk the 1km from the car park to the oncology department without blacking out, so I dare say without it the Race For Life would have been a bust!  As it was I felt amazing.  This is me at the end.  I'm sure Lynn D won't mind me posting the photos she took for CRUK's twitter feed.

Admittedly while I would have liked to run at the start and so would have run more, we were called up on stage to lead the countdown, by the time we got back to the crowd we were stuck in among the people walking with buggies, dogs and walking sticks Laugh  We had planned to go just behind the seasoned runners.  The track in Jersey is so narrow that for the first km we couldn't get past anyone, and it took 3km to be able to get any real space and get the speed up.  Anyhoos, I learned that with having to stop training my feet hadn't hardened up, so I felt able to run more were it not for the blisters killing me Laugh

Thank you so much to those of you that donated.  Still have money coming in but Legs Misérables (me and my 15 lovely supporters) have raised over £3,000.  We were also told by Cancer Research UK than an unusually high number of people signed up on the day and mentioned our newspaper article as the reason why they signed up (it was published on the Saturday, race was on the Sunday) so it was really good to see that the media side ofit (which I hate doing) made a real different to the cause.  However, many of the last-minute folk signed up to the 5k and being a larger number than CRUK were used to there were no medals by the time we finished the 10k, even though there were loads of folk behind us!  They've told us how to get a medal, I wasn't fussed but my team seem to want one as a memento.

Team photo of Legs Misérables (2 had disappeared already as they had to get to work).

Can totally recommend taking part if you haven't before, the atmosphere is fantastic.  And if you get local media behind you then strangers donate to your page and more research can be done.


Our Race for Life got over £3,000

29 May 2019 21:42 in response to TwinTwo

A massive well done to you all. What an amazing amount of money you have raised! You have every right to be very proud of yourselves! X 

Our Race for Life got over £3,000

31 May 2019 10:01 in response to TwinTwo

Well done you - I am full of admiration!!