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3 Dec 2022 16:11 in response to Milly58

Oh Milly - I feel for you - only another few days to wait. We must plan a celebration knees up - on this site - for next summer - when we are ALL loads better. I'm due to go away on 13 January to Tenerife with ALL my lovely family (20of us) but my consultant is saying no at the moment but has agreed to see me on 29 December to make a final assessment.  Everything crossed as two of my grandchildren are going to be there from Australia and Canada - haven't seen them for 3 years - mainly due to Covid  - will be gutted if I can't go!!! Trying to stay positive 

Keeping the faith for EVERYONE 

Andi xxxx

osophagus cancer diagnosis

3 Dec 2022 16:33 in response to Andi1947

Thanks Andi,

I really hope that you can go to Tenerife with your family who sound wonderful especially as you've not seen two of your grandchildren for such a long time. Good the consultant is seeing you on 29th December and everything crossed that he says you can go. 

Are you able to do a bit more? How is your breathing now you've had the hernia op? It sounds like it was a success.

Keeping the faith still for everyone 




osophagus cancer diagnosis

3 Dec 2022 17:03 in response to Milly58

Hi Milly

Yes - had the hernia op on 14 November - they've hopefully put everything back where it should be!!  6/7 hour op again and although keyhole - he said I have many internal stitches. Doing a bit more but can't lift anything or drive. Said I must wait 6 weeks!!  I do feel better and can breathe again - always good!!   The consultant is a gem and I will be guided by him - I think!  Just bored and lonely!! (think I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself - not good)

Keeping the faith

Andi xx


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3 Dec 2022 17:45 in response to Andi1947

Hi Andi,

That sounds positive. Yes breathing is good! Really pleased that's better as it's very debilitating and frightening. It is always best to be guided by them - they are the experts. I've had two total hip replacements first one when I was 50 and second one at 55 - followed the rules and made a really good recovery both times. Nothing compared to the op you guys have had though.

I think you are allowed to feel a bit sorry for yourself you've been through a lot. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and I've not even had the operation! These dark days don't help but hold on in there as it will soon be the shortest day and then we are back on the way to longer days again! I've been singing with the choir this weekend so that's been good. 

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3 Dec 2022 17:54 in response to Milly58

Hi Milly, that sure sucks after what your husbands been through, yes I've read all 80 pages and seem to know you all. Looks like both our husbands have thing done on Tue, fingers crossed for them.

Was the market busy? last time we went it was packed.

How do you all manage to get travel insurance? We should have been on holiday now, I didn't have to cancel it as Doncaster Airport shut down and tui just refunded. I think insurance will cost a fortune, Martin will be 80, Kidney cance, Lymphoma cancer and now this (whatever it's called) I have bladder cancer (10 years clear)  so not much chance of traveling abroad.

Hilts we live in Louth it's ok better than a lot of places I guess.

@Andi1947 ‍  I really hope you get to Tenerife, that's where we should be now, I have everything crossed for you. 
Good luck everyone x

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3 Dec 2022 19:01 in response to SueCC

Hi Sue,

Yes you do feel as if you get to know people on this forum and you know their darkness moments as well as their good news. If the routine test hadn't been sent we wouldn't be worried as my husband is doing really well. The sample has tested positive for blood but he can't see anything. Just got to wait and hope everything is Ok. Re your husbands laparoscopy it is an operation and I read were it's better to not lie on your side for a few days after the operation  due to the gas they pump into you. My husband did this and didn't seem to have the pain some people seem to report. I hope you get the answers that you want. Everything crossed for them  both. It does sound like they are quick. 

Re travel insurance my husband is 64 and is over a year post treatment so he was able to get insurance obviously he had to pay more but he got it. 

The Christmas market wasn't too busy but we did leave at 3 o clock so probably busier later on.

Keeping  the faith for everyone 









osophagus cancer diagnosis

3 Dec 2022 19:58 in response to Milly58

Thanks Milly, yes an operation and thanks for the info.

My Grandson had a colonoscopy last week and was told if the stuff tastes awful to use a straw instead of drinking it. He said he didn't know how much S**t he had in him. Hope your husbands ok with only having a small stomach, they must obviously know what their asking him to do. Good luck x

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3 Dec 2022 20:21 in response to SueCC

Thanks Sue - we've got some straws so I'll suggest he uses them!

keeping the faith



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3 Dec 2022 21:07 in response to Andi1947

Howdee y'all

Now Andi 47, I would never encourage or even condone bad behaviour on this site- BUT the holiday to Tenerife- I know what I would do (wink wink emoji). Sometimes you have to live on the wild side (:

Millie- as ever thinking of you and absolutely keeping that faith xx

Sue CC- Holiday insurance? We managed to get it through saga, BUT it was AFTEr the job had been done. I have spotted on this site before now, people who have got it - I thik McMillan website maybe has stuff, or just do a search for 'chronic disease insurance' 

ALways keeping the faith

Hilts x

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3 Dec 2022 21:17 in response to Hilts

Hi Hilts 

I agree - I'll be soooooo healthy on 29 - he won't dare say no !!

Andi xx

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4 Dec 2022 14:24 in response to Andi1947

That's the spirit xx

Like we say in this house

"Make him an offer he can't refuse" - sorry I watch too many films (:

onwards with that faith



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4 Dec 2022 14:54 in response to Hilts

Mmmm - the mind boggles heehee xx

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4 Dec 2022 17:26 in response to Andi1947


The godfather - when the horses' head is put in the bed ! (:

osophagus cancer diagnosis

4 Dec 2022 17:29 in response to Hilts

Definitely - teehee

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5 Dec 2022 17:05 in response to Andi1947

Hi again @Hilts ‍ , @Milly58 ‍ and all you good people.

Well we went to see the surgeon today, well his understudy and was told he has 2 years to live without the operation by using chemo / radiotherapy.

If he can have the oparation it'll be tough. He won't be having chemo before or after because of his age 79. He has his staging laparoscopic tomorrow and IF there's no scar tissue from having his kidney out 4 years ago . IF the Limphoma surgeon says his radiotherapy can wait a few months and IF there's no spread he can have the operation at Notts, (has anyone had it there) 

So tomorrow it's a day at Lincoln hospital for staging.

At the moment I'm just numb and really hoping for some reassurance from  you all and what do you think about the operation and no chemo providing it can go ahead.

Thanks xx