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Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 14:05 in response to Jbains

Feet up, trashy film on, heating on and relax now. It’s done for now. 


Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 14:09 in response to Jbains

Oh well done you . yes looks horrible day 

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 18:04 in response to tigercub

Thanks ladies. One thing that's bugging me is something or nothing the lady taking image said.

She was ever so nice when I was in excruciating pain but I asked her what the process was - whether I get the results now or by letter in couple of weeks hopefully if everything is ok.

She said she only does the imaging and yes hopefully.

Maybe it's me but it was her not so convincing tone when she said "Yes hopefully". I am really nervous and getting the bouts of panic today. I almost cried sitting in that waiting room but kept it together as my daughter was there.

I am still in a bit of pain even with painkillers and I'm sure it'll pass. I know I'm probably just being paranoid. Hopefully. Slap my face now and bring me to my senses!

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 18:08 in response to Jbains

I’ll send some sloe berries round, you can slap yourself with them then make gin!

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 18:11 in response to rileyroo

Oooh i love gin! Sounds like a plan! That made me giggle. Calls for a gin and tonic now......

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 18:13 in response to Jbains

One aims to please!

You’d get on well with my daughter, she’s partial to a gin. 

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 19:00 in response to Jbains

Oh bless ya no these things are proper worries to us and especially this time year we bound get bit emotional.i got works Xmas do on weds be bout 33 people there a lot I used work closely with and my best mate .I'm hoping I hold it together .in previous years boss usually does his little thanks to the people who have done well in year .blah blah and mention other things I just hope that they don't be nice and do me cause my year been bit rubbish went off work soon as diagnosed in august then got 2nd blow 2nd diagnosis.even bunch flowers would probably make me blub .but I would want do it for them so do understand got bit teary sat night went see carol singing military wives choir at chapel where mum's funeral was this year and Xmas day her birthday . fingers xx your results will be great how long since you had surgery must be nerve wracking.think I will feel nervous January full body scan to see if tumour in liver has shrunk for surgery . hopefully next few days you can settle 

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 21:30 in response to tigercub

Sandra - you Ok?

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 21:50 in response to Jbains

She’s not answering, is she?



Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 22:02 in response to rileyroo

Sandra???? Where arrree yyoouuu ?

Hopefully all is okay?


Re: Onwards...

12 Dec 2017 07:31 in response to Jbains

Morning ladies:-)

All is well - i mentioned I was away for the weekend:-). Got back late yesterday afternoon but dropped case showered nd out for a Christmas meal- back after 11 last night. It was cold but had a lovely time.

gotta get sorted for granddaughters landing so speak later x


Re: Onwards...

12 Dec 2017 13:52 in response to Sandra123

Sounds like a goid time was had. Glad to hear you are okay.

You had us a bit worried.

It is so cold outside - xmas shopping àll finished. Snacky things bought and put in freezer as well. Everywhere has 40-50% sales so best to get it when it's quiet. I couldn't sleep again lastnight- was wide awake by 4am. Think got myself worked up and brain wasn't letting me sleep. Am tired now so gonna get under a blanket and catch up on strictly results and apprentice which i missed. Take care ladies.

Re: Onwards...

12 Dec 2017 14:36 in response to Jbains

Omg it’s so icey outside walking girls t school me ankles was up around me lugs every 2 mins lol. Due at hairdressers soon so de icing the car as we speak this will b interesting. 

Ah jbains what u r feeling is normal I will b the same when mine is due too. Don’t read too much into what the radiographer said she was being vague cos she really doesn’t know so can’t say anything either way. We r just super sensitive now. Nothing to do now but the dreaded wait (we always tell others it’s the hardest part cos it is ). Easier said than done but try t put it to the back of yr mind enjoy your days nd we will all pray for the result we all want for each other. 

Cold nd slippy so kick back, snuggle up nd look after yourself me dear. X


Re: Onwards...

13 Dec 2017 10:14 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps 

All the snow nd ice has cleared from here.  Bit warmer too. 

Hope everyone has as good a day as they can. 

Love the new avatar rileyroo. 


Re: Onwards...

13 Dec 2017 10:29 in response to Sandra123
Hello ladies - hope all is well. Yes snow was gone pretty quickly down here. It's raining alot and I despise rain. Well it's daughters turn now to have this dreaded cold. Best get some spray to clear air of germs and wipe door handles, etc with bleach. I know it's excessive but I really don't want this cold again. Duvet day for us both after that bit of cleaning. Am tired today. Keep warm ladies.xx