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Re: Onwards...

8 Dec 2017 18:36 in response to rileyroo
I know I gotta learn. Not scoring too high on that lesson. But at least I can sit and relax when looking around. I don't know if you guys have seen that brush that rotates about 300rpm and is battery operated. I bought one today to make my life easier as just cannot scrub anymore. My arm starts hurting. Will have to wait until it's dirty now to try it out. Simple things get me excited these days. Think i need to get out more!! Am certain you look amazing rileyroo.x

Re: Onwards...

8 Dec 2017 18:41 in response to Jbains

Hmmm, amazing, not really. Just would like to look a bit less worn out. Wearing make up doesn’t work because of the sweats so have to find other ways. 

Had seen that brush advertised, thought it looked good but didn’t like the price. 

Re: Onwards...

8 Dec 2017 19:35 in response to rileyroo

Listen to u 2 foxy ladies getting all glammed up love it Happy

it might take it out of us but sometimes if we fancy cleaning we gotta grab that urge by two hands and get on down with it before it wears off lol.  Or that just might b me cos don’t get the urge t clean often ha ha .

rileyroo I don’t need anything for tree lights cos tree small enough t just t have battery lights lol but for all the plug ins behind tv ( to save electricity on standby- might just b a retirement thing lol) I have remote control plugs- point nd click nd it’s on - can even do from couch lol.  Mind u daughters have upped the anti nd have hive controlled.... everything ( including heating) they turn heating on from work so toasty whatever time they r getting home nd lights on when they pull on their drive! Gotta love it x

Re: Onwards...

8 Dec 2017 21:05 in response to Sandra123

Think I might have to put a dog on the bed tonight, it’s getting to be a cold night!☹️

Re: Onwards...

9 Dec 2017 11:27 in response to rileyroo

Well it’s cold enough out there for the brass monkeys to be worried. 

Meeting friend for lunch so kind of shot myself in the foot as far as keeping warm goes but on the up side, house to myself tonight! Might bake a chocolate cake either tonight or tomorrow morning, can’t really taste food at the mo so unless it has a very strong taste/aroma I’m not bothered.  


Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 17:39 in response to rileyroo
Dont worry rileyroo your taste will come back. Went walking out in the snow - we don't get much here in Kent/London. Knackered me out but felt good. Got mammo tomorrow - yikes! No doubt the trains will be buggered up due to the weather. Too much effort! Will admit am very nervous and have been having bouts of panic reliving the moment I got told I had cancer last year. Onwards..... Hope you both are warm and well.

Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 18:02 in response to Jbains

Hardly had any here. A few flakes and that’s been about it, bloody cold though.

There’s a   Victorian Christmas Market here each year so we had walk into town to have a look round.  

What time is your appointment tomorrow? Is it just a mamm or do you have to see the consultant as well?




Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 18:40 in response to rileyroo
Think its just a mammo? I love xmas markets esp if there's food! It is cold. Stay wrapped up and warm.

Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 19:19 in response to Jbains

This was nearly all food and drink, lots of speciality gins seem to be popular this year! 


Had a kip when we got back. Just taken my gel off my nails, was coming off anyway and can’t stand it after that. My ocd coming out. Did hair this morning, as predicted, the greys round the front didn't take it well, rest seems OK.   


Hope all goes well tomorrow. Let me know if you need to vent, I’ll be done at work by 12-30. 

Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 22:20 in response to rileyroo

Thank you. Make sure you layer up tomorrow to work.

My daughter is coming with me so that'll help. It is what it is and am just going to go with the flow. I've decided that feeling all these emotions isn't going to do me any good. I'm sure it's going to be perfectly fine and life will move on - onwards.

Sandra - are you Ok?

Tigercub - hope chemo hasn't made you feel too horrid.


Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 22:25 in response to Jbains

Hi good luck for your appointment. I'm feeling bit more human now thanks less sick this horrible chemo but hope it's doing what it should all for greater good ..keep warm everyone 

Re: Onwards...

10 Dec 2017 22:40 in response to tigercub

Glad to hear it's a bit better. Am sure it's doing what it should and sending you lots of positivity and strength.

Thanks for the support ladies.

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 08:04 in response to Jbains

Good luck for today!

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 10:47 in response to rileyroo

Hi there buddies ... just a thought,  i know this journey is really tough , but right now, I'm cacooned in bed, watching film on t.v , coffee to hand, snowing outside, and I feel like a bug in a rug ... knew I'd find a positive one day ...  ; ))  Hope your all o.k today ... ❤ Chrissie xx

Re: Onwards...

11 Dec 2017 14:03 in response to rileyroo
Thanķ you. The trains as predicted were disrupted majorly so a horrid journey in and back. It's absolutely freezing and wet as well!! There - moaning done. Mammo was excruciatingly painful. It's a routine mammo and results in 2-3 weeks. So was a bit confused as nurse told me it would be slightly different and more detailed? Well as long as it's over I'm happy. Absolutely exhausted with difficult journey, cold and lack of sleep so am going to nap. Hope you're all well ladies.