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Re: Onwards...

5 Feb 2018 19:50 in response to rileyroo
They had cotton plunge tshirt bras but she said they'd start getting more in cotton shortly for spring/summer. It is really hard to find something right for you and your shape. I've been trying for months and purchased some that still look brand new. So I've been trying to ignore it but I started period this morning. I haven't had a period since April last year. Perhaps the time switching may have caused it? I haven't gone thru menopause yet and I know a year after taking tamoxifen it pushed you thru to menopause. Is this normal? I was on microgynon as never had normal periods and stopped it as soon as was diagnosed. Back in sept had bleeding and was sent for scan, smear test and bloods and all normal. It's a mission to ring bcn and they have their hands full with seriously ill women so I hate bothering them. Already had text from gp's office to book an appt. Only did blood test on Thurs. All this **** best stop as I'm not having it this year. New year new start in the most positive way so I'm not going to let any of this get me down again!!! My profile gets searched at least 10 times a week on LinkedIn and no one has given me a job yet either! Grrr! Sorry - rant over. I actually curse my last employer! At least I'm not destitute so am thankful as I am fortunate. Maybe I just need a holiday. Breathe......

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 10:13 in response to Jbains

Morning peeps 

glad u got sorted on the bra front jbains just rileyroo to find her best fit now. 

If it was me I would have a word with yr dr - only cos not expected so best t mention. 

U will find yr right fit on the job front everything else is just chaff that is not needed so disregard the non jobs they’re not for u. 

Cold nd 2 cm snow fallen in last hr here. So all snuggly down till school pick up time.

hope everyone has as good a day as u can peeps x


Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 10:47 in response to Sandra123
Morning ladies. It is ffffrreeeezzziing!!!! We have sunshine at the mo - it snowed for 5 mins yesterday morning. It's definitely winter! Be careful as it's gonna be slippery out. Thanks Sandra will do. I may just bake something, watch a film and eat. That's a really busy plan for my day. Onwards..... How is work rileyroo?

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 11:00 in response to Jbains

Good plan:-). Still snowing about 4cm out there now. I’m in conservatory with the radiators on full blast reading my book - got t b honest looks really pretty out there:-). X

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 12:51 in response to Jbains

Work is pretty quiet, calm before the storm. We have a review going at the mo, cost cutting is the name of the game. Mine is next week so I’ve been filling in the paperwork for that. A few snow flakes but nothing to get sent home for!  Drat. 

Feeling tired at the mo. Been trying to get my life back into a normal pattern, think it’s not quite ready for that yet. 

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 13:31 in response to rileyroo

Oh how I hated the work merry go round. Every 2 yrs we had a restructure - don’t envy u bless. 

U will get there - lot of Change going on - not just your health. Not surprised u feel tired. 

Oh my how cold is it today!  The 4 cm of snow has now completely gone! Well that didn’t last long lol. 

Take care me dear x

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 17:52 in response to Sandra123

Got a bit of a powdering of snow but that’s about it. Feet up and choc hob nobs even if they are cheap copies, yum!  

Son has asked me wrap his dad’s Birthday presents up, he’s useless at that kind of stuff, he can make a box look like and old style tv aerial. 

Not working Friday, going to see cousin  she’s getting a bit stir crazy as she can’t drive for six weeks post surgery.  We are trying to take her out a couple of days a week between us so she doesn’t get any daft ideas!  


Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 18:33 in response to rileyroo
Snap! I had cup of tea with choc hob mob! I only had one tho. Been ever so careful with sugar since treatment. And the fact that am putting weight on! So cold - even with heating on all day. So my life coaching session got cancelled for thurs where she was going to help me with what type of jobs to go for, confidence, etc. Not a surprise - anything i try to do with trying to go fwd with finding a job is not happening! Nevermind - yet another test. Sigh.... OMG my daughter was obsessed with Justin bieber when she was young - as I was resting on sofa she MADE me watch his never say never documentary. Urgghh!!!! I realised going back to hospital I was treated at to volunteer isn't making me feel great so decided to not go for it. Instead I contacted Macmillan to do something locally so am being interviewed on the 19th to become a cancer buddy. Happy wrapping rileyroo and keep warm ladies. Enjoy your evening.

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 18:44 in response to Jbains

Urgh indeed! Can’t stand the arrogant little *^#**@! Thankfully mine was never a Belieber, thinks that’s what they called themselves. 


Think you’re doing the right thing, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t work where I was diagnosed and treated either. 


Wrapping done, not difficult, got some grafitti ing to do next, any suggestions?!

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 20:18 in response to rileyroo

Yep they were called beliebers. He did well though. Have you guys noticed that skin on your face is drier? I honestly can't wait until I stop tamoxifen. 4 years to go (hopefully)! I just found out one of my friends has breast cancer - 3rd stage and triple negative. This ******* cancer is everywhere. Sorry all out of graffiti ideas. Going to be a really cold night tonite - stay warm and snug ladies.

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 20:35 in response to Jbains

Got two year of Tamoxifen then go onto an AI. My cousin has been told she’s clear after stage two triple negative bc. Not quite as bad as your friend but there is hope. She’s still taking preventative drugs but regards herself as free of the ****** at Least for now  



Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 20:39 in response to Jbains

Oh no... always a kick when we hear of someone newly diagnosed but when it’s someone we know well.....

No my skin seems ok but I’m not on tamoxifen. 

Not getting the graffiti reference... unless rileyroo is getting her spray cans nd wall art on !?! Happy x

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 21:05 in response to Sandra123

You know I never know what the correct term is. Dr's tell me we are never clear of cancer. We are basically told we dint require any more treatment in the sense of chemo and rad but are having continued treatment (tamoxifen). My thinking is that once it's cut out and you're zapped there's not much of a chance of any rogue cell surviving so we are free of cancer. I'll stick to that.

Never knew you had such a creative streak rileyroo...

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 21:18 in response to Sandra123

Well now you come to mention it Sarndra...  been helping my daughter sort out her dad’s 60th birthday present. She ordered him something from tinterweb but when it turned up it wasn’t what she’d hoped, it was personalised so couldn’t really be sent back. 

We, well I, came up with a plan to kind of make a picture of what she had bought.  Got a framed canvas, painted it to make it look like a wall and then put the plaque on that she got. We’ve put initials and birthdates all around the plaque, hence the graffiti comment.  

Re: Onwards...

6 Feb 2018 21:20 in response to Jbains

Skin is bloody awful, face not so much but the rest, just call me lizard.