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Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 19:52 in response to rileyroo
Wow guess bathroom done the easy way! How can they miss a wall? As long as you're resting. Glad you had a good day. Has your hair thinned? Mine thinned alot with tamoxifen and rad treatment. I took silica and biotin so bit better now. So many changes- sometimes I think about it and get tired! Sigh.....

Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 20:24 in response to Jbains

No, hair is as is. It was in awful condition for quite a while, had it cut shorter after Christmas and that seems to have helped. 

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:17 in response to rileyroo

Well another weekend has flown past. Got bathroom painted,

needs a bit of a touch up here and there but looks a lot better. 

How is every one doing?

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:43 in response to rileyroo

Hey Rileyroo. The days seem to whizz by. I can't believe we're into Feb already. How has your day been? Hopefully you've been taking it easy.

I actually felt good today for the whole day which made me so happy. I wasn't dizzy or fatigued - long may it continue. Woo hoo!

Sandra - are you back?

Tigercub - how are you doing?

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:46 in response to rileyroo

Evening peeps not long back from my break away. Could see what people were posting but trouble putting on posts kept timing out. glad your hosp appts went well rileyroo it was a relief t read. Well done on painting ya bathroom ( still not done my stairs lol). 

Glad u enjoyed yr massage day jbains - good times:-). I’ve always taken my meds at 9:00 (hoped I would sleep through potential side effects lol) I just get flushing so who knows may have helped:-)

had great time but tucked lol. Typical day full English breakfast, walk out nd about  ( 6 miles worth), coffee nd cake yum, swim ( 26 lengths), jacuzzi (only 5 mins), treatment ( nails or foot massage or face masks etc) with couple glasses wine Wink  room nd reading( 3 books read in wk). 3 course evening meal (nd wine), couple hrs socialising ( nd wine), salted caramel latte  (with Baileys yum), Bed. Repeat:-) 

Back home nd relax lol.

It was lovely reading how everyone was getting on - u too tigercub:-). X



Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:49 in response to Sandra123

That all sounds amazing Sandra! Glad you enjoyed it. 

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:51 in response to rileyroo

Maybe adjusting your grog time is hlping, JBains?

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 20:59 in response to Jbains

Hi good you had good day .I'm ok good news that chemo has had a very good result for me .but we feel like we're in limbo waiting again .special spe nurse said she is on the case of contacting the hospital to get info of them seeing me with regards to liver resection .just want things happen now .but otherwise ok .going out for walks to try keep busy .I suppose were feeling bit odd .hubby  I think is feeling strain of it all a bit .

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:02 in response to rileyroo

Glad you're back Sandra and sounds like a fab time!

Well I hope adjusting time has done the trick but just didn't want to say it and tempt fate. I shall make an assessment end of the week.

Still have my bathroom to finish. I started painting ceiling but couldn't do it so hubby & daughter finished first coat on 23 dec (more paint on wall tiles and floor than ceiling!) so need coat 2 and 3 to go on. God only knows when that'll happen! 

Any chance you want me to get a spare roller for when you're down on London rileyroo?? Lol!!

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:02 in response to rileyroo

Thanks rileyroo. Only massages I had were feet( they were lush) I didn’t even tell them about my diagnosis - naughty but for crying out loud it was only me feet lol. 

Only 5 mins is jacuzzi nd was fine re lymph nodes (kept t 5 mins cos of BP too... sigh)

1 st time swimming since diagnosis nd again was fine. No probs with scars pulling or anything nd no dry skin but did put moisturiser on after. 

Dreading getting on scales tomorrow lol x

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:06 in response to Jbains

Yeah get it ready! Got step ladders handy?!

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:06 in response to tigercub

The long waits again but... it’s more worrying when they do things really fast- no pleasing us us eh. Enjoy as best u can your treatment down time- u have earned it. X

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:07 in response to Jbains

Lol erm I have a staircase needs doing too;-) x

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:08 in response to Sandra123

Take care if yourself Tigercub!

Re: Onwards...

4 Feb 2018 21:18 in response to Sandra123

Yes it's been long winter well it all started last summer .onwar on n upward .was going see friend tomorrow but she has nasty cold so think I'll have miss that as don't want risk cold if I'm getting close to surgery.but going out for meal weds night noodle bar and friday afternoon going for afternoon tea with work colleagues .hope everyone had good day x