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Re: Onwards...

1 Feb 2018 19:04 in response to Jbains

Just waiting for my green beans to cook! 


Enjoy your evening! Any thoughts on what time to meet up when I come down, if that makes any sense? 

Re: Onwards...

1 Feb 2018 19:58 in response to rileyroo
What would be convenient for You? Cheaper if you travel after 9:30am. You let me know what's easiest for you and where.

Re: Onwards...

1 Feb 2018 20:56 in response to Jbains

Looking at trains that will get me into Kings Cross around 12-45? What about Covent Garden or is that old hat for you?

Re: Onwards...

1 Feb 2018 21:20 in response to rileyroo
Love Covent garden! It's a date.x

Re: Onwards...

1 Feb 2018 21:26 in response to Jbains

See if we can find a cake shop or some where that does veggie food, or both!

Re: Onwards...

2 Feb 2018 13:19 in response to Jbains

Hi jbains ... Really hope you don't mind me writing this as, I've seen a couple of your answers to others where you talk about your lovely mum ... It reminds me of me and my late mum and l came accross a song on " u tube " and with us going through our cancer journey now.... It really touched my heart and gives me comfort ... And a little tear ... It's from Donna taggart and it's called MOM ...don't listen to it if songs make you sad ... But it's such a beautiful song .. and just thought of you  x

Re: Onwards...

2 Feb 2018 13:47 in response to Chriss
Thank you so much of thinking of me Chriss. I am afraid that any "mom" songs still make me cry even tho it's been 18 years. I can't even watch any of the cancer research or Macmillan adverts without shedding a tear. Then again I cry at xfactor. A highly emotional wuss. Thanks again. One day I shall listen to it.

Re: Onwards...

2 Feb 2018 17:55 in response to Jbains

Can’t listen to Auld lang sine, mum used to cry every new year when she heard it, I won’t have have the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings ‘Into the West’ on either on tv or any form of music player. It was played at a friend’s funeral, she died of ovarian cancer about four years ago and I just can’t handle it. 

Re: Onwards...

2 Feb 2018 19:32 in response to rileyroo
Guess we're both emotional and sentimental. When is Sandra back? How was your day? I'm afraid I was up to no good again. Went to shopping centre to get storage containers then cleaned out kitchen cupboards. Of course as afternoon became evening feeling gradually worse - flu like and body temp dropped. I've noticed that happens after taking tamoxifen when tired. Lovely tablet that it is! Another week gone and into Feb. Where did Jan go? Enjoy the rest of your evening. Stay warm.xx

Re: Onwards...

2 Feb 2018 20:16 in response to Jbains

Think she’s back tomorrow although I’ll

hold hands up on this one and say I’m not sure. 

I take a smaller dose of the disgusting stuff twice a day, i have found that this keep the worst of the side effects at bay, can still glow for England though. 

Now I need to go and clear out cupboards!  Managed to get honey on the shelf in one of them, don’t ask, couldn’t do it again if I tried. Got some paper to age as well  



Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 11:51 in response to rileyroo

Well you did it JBains, painted the bathroom this morning! Gonna need three days to get over the mental stress of doing that!

Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 16:45 in response to rileyroo

Oh no! I'm so Sorry! Take it easy please. I can't move hardly today. It's so ridiculous. 2 days of normal activity and downhill the next. I just want my life back how it was before this ******* cancer came into my life!!!!!! 

Sorry - rant over. So I have tried to figure out alot of things (thank God I was sitting on sofa when thinking) lol!

I'm going to switch my time for taking tamoxifen. This lovely pill may be contributing to my lethargy, aches and mood. At present I take it at 2:30pm for almost a year now. I have been reading alot of blogs on breast cancer care and alot of women found their symptoms were far less invasive or bothersome if they took it at night. So today I shall change. Here's hoping it won't take any u-turn with side effects for the worst.

What do you think?

Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 17:25 in response to Jbains

Give it a go. I started off taking my original tablet about six in the evening on the basis that I’d get the nasties out of the way before bedtime. I found that my mood dropped a lot to the point where I couldn’t see the point if carrying on, that was within 48 hours of starting it. One of the girls at work suggested cutting it in half if the tablet had a line down it, it did. I found I could cope better with that, smaller peaks and troughs maybe I don’t know but it works for me. Consultant said that originally, 20mg was taken as 2 x10mg each day and if I could handle that better then he would prescribe it for me!

Try taking it at different times and see if it makes a difference, you can’t really carry on with the stuff the way you have. 

Painting is now done, bathroom looks a lot better! Cuppa and nice chat with friend and haircut this afternoon! Not too bad a day apart from the #%* weather!

Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 18:09 in response to rileyroo
Ah nothing like a nice cuppa! Make sure you take it easy tomorrow as well. Bet it feels good to see your handiwork. I open my cupboards and it makes me smile! Doesn't take much. Ok - thank you. If this 9pm taking doesn't work I'm gonna ask for 10mg two times a day. Guess if our lovely Sandra was back she woulda messaged. Hope she had a really fab time. Feet up and relax with a blanket. Stay warm.xx

Re: Onwards...

3 Feb 2018 18:31 in response to Jbains

It looks a lot better! The whole thing was replaced last year after what turned out has been a persistent leak behind the tiles. Was having the tiles replaced and when the guys pulled them off the wall, there was no wall!   Just got it finished and then along came your friend and mine! Hope Sandra has had a good time, she’s one very busy lady! Does feet on table count as resting?