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7 Dec 2017 18:40 in response to tigercub

Nice gentle foot rub required, maybe more of a stroke to soothe the tootsies?

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7 Dec 2017 18:45 in response to rileyroo

Yes got keep using e45 been advised by nurse get cream contain 10% urea have buy that not everything free .

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7 Dec 2017 19:15 in response to tigercub

Get it on prescription?

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7 Dec 2017 20:11 in response to rileyroo

Yes I can try .had forgotten about that but few things lately I haven't been able to get from docs think there cutting back 

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7 Dec 2017 20:32 in response to tigercub

Have you not got your exemption certificate? Won’t cost them anything with that?

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7 Dec 2017 20:36 in response to rileyroo

Yes I'm 60 so don't pay prescription but they won't let us have some things if you can but over counter.its same for my dad he's 93 and some of his meds I have get a.goverment changes as there is lot unnecessary waste over ordering when not required 

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7 Dec 2017 20:38 in response to tigercub

Ah, suppose a lot of stuff does get wasted. 

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7 Dec 2017 20:40 in response to rileyroo

When my mum was in care home every time she went into hospital the carers handed carrier bag to docs full of meds never knew if it was needed .

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7 Dec 2017 20:41 in response to tigercub

My foster son has a rucksack full of stuff he lugs around with him. 

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7 Dec 2017 20:50 in response to rileyroo

Poor boy 

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8 Dec 2017 08:49 in response to tigercub

Morning peeps 

I thought so jbains more rads than I had by a long way. Def made a difference. It may not feel it at times but you r doing brill.

tigercub Go u gal. Gps are asked to keep their prescribing costs to a certain limit there are incentives to do so. However, if u go in and tell them about your changes in finance I have no doubt your GP will understand and prescribe what u need. Do not feel bad about doing this u have paid into the NHS for many yrs- your will b receiving nothing more than u r entitled to.

how u doing rileyroo? R u at work over the Christmas? 

No babysitting today:-) gonna chills. Weekend case t pack cos off to Xmas markets over the sat nd Sunday. Daughter at shops t get alcohol as we speak - yeahhh lol

have a goodin peeps x

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8 Dec 2017 09:15 in response to Sandra123
Morning ladies. Another week completed in somewhat good spirits. Went with daughter yesterday eve to xmas shop so all done now. First time ever I have had presents all bought, wrapped and under the tree! I actually got a call to come see a counsellor- taken a while eh! I'm better mentally than I was but there's still something lurking in the background so best to nip it in the bud. Can't believe xmas is only 2 weeks away and my son will be home. Miss him so much it aches. Cold and snowy forecast so keep warm. Goid luck Tigercub with scan. You have every right to demand to get your creams, etc on prescription. You have paid in for many years and yours is a genuine need. We all have a right to these benefits as that's what their purpose is. It's evident the illness is legitimate and if we of all people have to fight for small things then the system is definitely faulty and I would take it as far as writing to local MP. The unfairness is evident. After what you're going thru it shouldn't be this hard to get something so simple. Enjoy your day ladies. I plan on having duvet day as body is aching! Own fault - overdid it but tree with presents under it looks amazing!

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8 Dec 2017 16:48 in response to Jbains

Had to do some minor renovations on the Christmas decoration front. Have put an extension cable behind the tree now so I don’t have to climb on the couch, shimmy over the arm then squat behind the tree to turn on the lights!

Also done some personal renovations, sorted out the top lip fuzz and had eyebrows waxed and tinted. Decided I’m sick of looking tired, pale and haggard so bought some hair colour as well. Might as well go the whole hog!  

It’s definitely brass monkeys round here so curled up on the couch trying to think of ways not to do the ironing even though the pile is making a take over bid in the dining room and I think most of what’s in there is mine...!

Wrap up warm ladies and enjoy the rest of your evening!



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8 Dec 2017 17:15 in response to rileyroo
So much for taking it easy. Cleaned bathroom then was going to make homemade chicken soup only to realise dont have some ingredients so thought before gets too too too cold went good shopping. Then it was time to get hair colored and cut. Then it was bugging me how dirty upstairs was so hoovered then sat down with cup of tea. Am tired now. Going to curl up now. Go rileyroo - you must look like a sexy babe now! Keep it up and you'll have the guys at work being nice Too! Enjoy the rest of the evening.

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8 Dec 2017 18:27 in response to Jbains

Sexy, not really, human maybe! 

The upstairs here is mucky too, how are you fixed?! Seriously, sit down woman! You make me feel guilty!