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4 Dec 2017 18:26 in response to Jbains

Now you’re talking! A bit of what you fancy etc etc

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5 Dec 2017 20:15 in response to rileyroo

Evening ladies 

hope yr day has been a goodin:-) enjoy what’s left of ya evening me dears Happy x

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5 Dec 2017 21:05 in response to Sandra123
Just read the previous 2 posts - my eyesight isn't great as still blurs! It's Lola' s cupcakes. I decided to go xmas shopping all over central London and am so utterly exhausted! Central London is a real task! I think I must've walked 3 miles today! But will pay for this when fatigue hits - I can feel it coming. At least most of it is done on the present front. It's going to get colder again - dint plan on leaving the house now. Needs a clean as well! Hope you're all well and have had a good day.

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6 Dec 2017 11:28 in response to Jbains

Morning peeps. 

Hope u r not too wiped jbains - at least shopping nearly done:-)

my watch reckoned I’d done 20 thousand steps yesterday.... must b picking up my knitting lol 

Babysitting today. Both have runny noses nd hacking cough bless em 

have a goodin ladies xxx

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6 Dec 2017 13:28 in response to Sandra123

Sounds like we’re all almost done with the pressie buying!


Home from work now glad to say. Had a butty,

cuppa waiting and then probably a nap. 

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6 Dec 2017 21:15 in response to rileyroo

Another day completed, how are we all, especially Tigercub? 

Daughter took me out for tea, lovely food just rather a lot of it. Don’t seem to be able to eat as much as I used to which to he honest probably isn’t a bad thing as I could really trough when I got going!

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7 Dec 2017 03:34 in response to rileyroo

Hi .I'm not doing too badly thanks chemo 3 was Tues so that was long tough day and yesterday stay home lots rest .feet hands tingling getting used to that now gets better after few days .got try do bit Xmas shopping but really don't have energy to walk round shops like I used to and can't even be botherd about online.but Xmas is definitely not about gifts this year 

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7 Dec 2017 10:05 in response to tigercub

Morning peeps 

work going ok rileyroo? I used t have naps when snuggly at home before diagnosed lol.

tigercub u do whatever u need to t get through it’s all about u .

jbains how u doing. R u feeling the xmas vibe yet?

im babysitting today so got em breakfast nd ready, school run done, been t docs t hand in letters. Been t pic up my meds. Took lil one t library. Washing folded nd put away new load in.   Finish cuppa then pop in t park then back t daughters t make lunch - keeps u busy like lol. Only putting cream on boob once a day now as colour starting to go back t normal. Only get the odd stabby pain now if I over stretch for something. Still not getting tired so....... yeahhhh lol x

enjoy the rest of yr day ladies x

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7 Dec 2017 10:09 in response to rileyroo
Morning ladies. Stay warm as it's getting colder! Yep rileyroo definitely true - I cannot eat as much as before either. Still can't eat meat or fish. Still loving cake so not bad at all! A little wiped out - fatigue hit about 5pm yesterday so up to bed by 8pm. Still feeling it so taking it easy. Got my online courses to complete for volunteering. Gotta get my butt to the gym. One day soon. Definitely xmas isn't about the presents. I only bought for my hubby and kids. We have a rule on in-laws side that we only buy for under 18's and normally just give choices or biscuits. I cannot sometimes believe all that's happened this year - what a journey. Let's hope mammo on mon is all good. That's where it all started last year. Have a good day ladies coz we rock!!

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7 Dec 2017 11:20 in response to Jbains

I know jbains - it’s unreal - only 4 mths for me but feel the same. 

We only buy close family too nd for grown up of which I buy for 2 daughters nd partners we have a £25 limit. Considering at work before I left they wanted £20 on bran tub - I refused nd dropped out told them I spend not much more  on family . Fair bit more on grandkids tho lol 

Am I right in thinking u had more than 15 RT sessions jbains. It’s seems to have really knocked u for 6 bless. Mind u it also could depend on the strength of yr sessions too . 

Was just talking t someone I know in the school yard nd she had lung cancer 20 yrs ago she said she had t stop the chemo after 3 session cos was too much for her. She was saying the treatment had “knackered” her bones nd joints :-0  but hey 20 yrs nd she is still here nd clear. To me.... that’s totes worth it:-)

sending virtual hugs nd as much energy as words can send. 

Take care me dears x 


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7 Dec 2017 11:31 in response to Sandra123
Hey I had 20 - 15 proper ones and 5 as a "top up". They increased strength and duration of each treatment about after 10 sessions. Yep sure has been life changing but am here walking and talking. Am a bit scared and apprehensive about mon but am going to think only positively. It is such a horrible day out today - cold wind and rain. I hate rain. Are work people being empathetic since your return rileyroo? Wow Sandra you're doing a full time job there! Am tired just reading it. So so glad you are doing so well. Tigercub - one more chemo done. Hurray! I know it's rough but you're one step further. I know there's a long road ahead but you are going in forward direction. Take it easy. I'm watching Real Housewives of N.Y. city. Wow. That's all I'll say (and that is said sarcastically). Funny how people worry and stress about the silliest and smallest things. Wow....

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7 Dec 2017 13:35 in response to Jbains

They’re being blokes generally. I’m upright and talking, therefore OK! Luckily the grils in the office are being really good !

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7 Dec 2017 15:16 in response to Jbains

Hi glad your doing well done quite bit today so quite tired now .so resting feet up watching any rubbish TV .4 the chemo is 27th Dec and full body scan 15th Jan to see if tumors have shrunk enough for surgery so will be bit anxious to know if works but have wait for results to go from my local hospital to be sent then they each have MDT meeting s so there getting a move on now hope everyone have good day 

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7 Dec 2017 18:00 in response to rileyroo

Hi there rillyroo ... was getting bit worried not seen you posting ... come on here to see how your all doing and at least know your all holding on in there ... , and can't believe how lovely you all are ... had to chuckle at some of these postsites... keep telling newbees to look on here ... if any one can help them through its you ladies ... 

Bet that cancer doesn't realise just what it's taken on with us lot lol ... so keep on, keeping on... sending you all a mahosive hug .... chrisie  ❤  xx 

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7 Dec 2017 18:06 in response to Jbains

Hi yes we all used stress over small things I'm sure .now I just think never mind .my feet hurt last week must be this long road doc tells me I got travel he he