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3 Jan 2018 11:01 in response to rileyroo
Hello ladies. How are we all doing? Holiday season over - back to reality now. My son leaves today so am very sad but will see him in 6 months. Have cried for the last 2 days in the morning so my son doesn't see me. So hard to let go but want him to spread his wings and live life to the fullest. An amazing opportunity so am very proud of him. Have my daughter here so thank God for that. Seems like forever since we communicated. I hope you're both well and hope you're feeling better Tigercub. Another year has begun for new chances at achieving what we want in life. Let's hope for a healthy one coz we rock!! We've come a long way and I sure feel it's been hard but we got this!

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3 Jan 2018 13:04 in response to Jbains

Hi nice hear from you yes hard let young fly nest etc.i can't remember when I last posed on here been out of it with some horrible bug been in bed since weds chemo and bug really knocked me out .think I was hallucinations and night sweats but am eating soup and eggs toast and get hungry now so that's good not good start year but hopefully onwards etc 3 scans this month but nervous of that hope be break from chemo for bit .good wishes every one .had start claim for ESA and pip payment we shall see all good fun 

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3 Jan 2018 20:07 in response to tigercub

Nice to hear from you again! Your son sounds like a chip off the old block!

Tigercub, MacMillan are supposed to be very helpful with those applications I think. 

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5 Jan 2018 15:09 in response to rileyroo
Hello ladies. How are we all? I've stopped crying now but didn't sleep well lastnight. My son's suitcase didn't make it with him but hopefully he'll get it tomorrow. Guess the cold weather is here again. At least its not as bad as New York! Are you back at work rileyroo? Guess it's back to reality and time to get on with it. Here's hoping for January to pass quickly. How are you feeling now Tigercub? Sandra - what you up to and any side effects?

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5 Jan 2018 16:28 in response to Jbains

Hi I don't like cold . today first day been out for 9 days been feeling rough bad cold / chest infection been in bed 6 days . hospital today came out flat battery on car arrrrg hubby came out got me going bump start drove to local garage got new battery fitted ..came home got into bed . tomorrow will be better day .

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5 Jan 2018 16:43 in response to tigercub
Hang in there Tigercub. There are alot of bugs/infections going around. Glad to hear it's bit better. When is your appointment with consultant? All you can do is rest. You'll get there - you got this.xx

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5 Jan 2018 17:33 in response to Jbains

Been back at work since Tuesday unfortunately. Got to say feeling pretty tired now. 

Your son is very lucky to have a mum like you. 


Hope tomorrow is indeed better for you Tigercub. 

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5 Jan 2018 17:37 in response to Jbains

Evening peeps:-)

well all the best to everyone for 2018. 

Guess everything is going back to normal- whatever passes for our own normal these days. 

Had a lovely Christmas and new yr. hope you’d did too 

Good start t yr by hoover giving up the ghost:-/ I’ve always had the expensive hoover (the yellow nd grey type;-)....decided t ditch that idea nd got a small light hoover for £40 nd lo nd behold it too hoovers:-o its a keeper. 

Pretty much been spending lots nd lots of family time- good times:-)

im feeling fine ( not bad going cos lots of the family have had the cold bug going around- it’s floored them. Normally I get everything but... not this time). 

So... how’s everyone doing. Onwards nd upwards peeps:-) x


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5 Jan 2018 17:51 in response to Sandra123

I can raise you a new door and a ridge tile down in storm Eleanor!

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5 Jan 2018 17:56 in response to Sandra123
Looks like you're the stronger one out of us. I hope you continue like this Sandra. Family time is so precious. We had 10 days of goid quality family time which we will all cherish. My kids make me complete so that's why i feel so sad when one of them isn't with me. But gotta let go at some point I guess. My son bought me a cordless hoover which makes my life easier. I can't take it up or down the stairs before so this is great and you all know how much I love to clean! It's 28 degrees and sunny where my son is - should've gone with him! It's freezing! I'm on the hunt again vigorously for a job. Take it easy rileyroo. Onwards and upwards indeed.

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5 Jan 2018 19:38 in response to rileyroo

Bummer. It’s great when we get new cos we want - not cos we have to. 

I was keen t hoover so did ... that feeling has now worn off lol x

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5 Jan 2018 19:47 in response to Jbains

Always embrace the good times:-) 

my daughters have both lived away before settling close to home. Gotta support  them spreading their wings so they remember home with love and caring. 

Going with it’s just fluke I’ve not caught any of the bugs going around... long may it last. Happy

fingers crossed on your job hunt the right one for you is out there. X


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5 Jan 2018 20:13 in response to Sandra123
Thanks, Sandra. That's made me feel a bit better. Sending you all a massive virtual hug.xx

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6 Jan 2018 10:07 in response to Jbains

Morning peeps:-)

Had lonnng lie in this morning so best get up showered nd dressed as heading t shops. Granddaughters 5th birthday next month apparently this takes major planning!

mine ( back in the day) had things like- video party (friends came t house had a tea nd watched a rented video lol)  or party at the house 1/2 dozen friends sat around food placed on an old sheet on floor- when finished gathered up 4 corners nd out everything in bin - followed by party games. It wasn’t till they were s fair bit older that party bags became a thing. A trip t cinema followed by McDonald’s was another optio. Now the club is booked out, 100 invites, entertainment people, disco - not forgetting food nd party bags sheesh used t b an 18th or 21st thing not 5th... gotta shut me gob tho cos this is now the done thing lol. 

Have a goodin peeps x

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6 Jan 2018 11:46 in response to Sandra123
Wow am tired just reading that! Well I hope you have a grand time. Something to look forward to. Xmas tree and everything goes down so it's depressing. The 2 weeks went ever so quickly. We all had a looonnngg lie in as well. I have no energy today - think not having an appetite last 5 days, emotionally stressing myself and back to an empty house with everyone going about their business. I really need something to do like a job or I'm gonna go doo-lally! 2018 better be the year I go out there and grab those opportunities. I am thankful I am where I am at the moment. This will be first birthday since having kids I will spend without my son. Strange how life changes and so quickly. So important to make the best of every day. Enjoy your day whatever you're up to and wrap up warm as it's freezing out!!