Together we will beat cancer


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22 Dec 2017 11:58 in response to rileyroo
Can only tolerate gin and tonic which is flavoured and doesn't taste like alcohol. One drink and it goes straight to my head. I feel that way about meat and fish - eeeuuuww!

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22 Dec 2017 13:05 in response to Jbains

Another joy on the trip that is cancer. 

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22 Dec 2017 14:11 in response to rileyroo

Morning ladies. 

No babysitting today... I should b off for 2 wks:-)

so... had a lie in today nd didn’t get up till 9:30 :-0

ive done a top t bottom light hoover nd dust nd won’t b doing owt more now lol.

Enjoy York today rileyroo u do a bit of what u fancy cos u have truly earned it:-)

love the Canadian mountains jbains - I’ve done the Rocky Mountaineer train too... oh my... all drinks were included so was a tad off me face lol. The food on board was mouth watering goodness. The driver spotted bears on the embankments nd stopped the train for us all t see nd take pics lol( didn’t know that would b allowed!) so do u do thanks giving too? X


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22 Dec 2017 14:13 in response to Sandra123

If I ever get to York,the bus has broken Down!

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22 Dec 2017 15:00 in response to rileyroo

Oh no!!! R u waiting for a replacement t arrive. Folked will b seething cos they will b stressed enough being Black Friday too. Hope u get under way soon x

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22 Dec 2017 15:31 in response to Sandra123
Yep fine the train journey too. Sigh good old days! Oh no rileyroo. Silly public transport. It's awful when that happens. Glad you got a rest and lie in. Very important. Getting eyebrows threaded at the moment all ready for xmas. Am really tired today and am ignoring dust and dirt. This trip called cancer is one I didn't buy a ticket for and have well and truly paid for it!

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22 Dec 2017 16:40 in response to Jbains

Think you paid some one else’s fare as well!  Tend to get them waxed not threaded these days!

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22 Dec 2017 21:50 in response to rileyroo

Remind me to avoid buses in future! Two hours for a journey that’s do able in one hour twenty. Eesh!  


Anyway, got the parcels, lovely meal and great company. York looked lovely, shame the same couldn’t be said about some of the people in it tonight!

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23 Dec 2017 09:38 in response to rileyroo

Question ladies or gentlemen if reading this.

I’ve started my Christmas baking, let’s not get carried away, this is usually a quick, fairly theraputic process for me anyway  

My hand mixer has broken, bless it’s little motor, it’s old but anyway... the options are:

1. Buy a new one

2. Don’t bake, buy

3. Do everything by hand and end up looking like Popeye.


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23 Dec 2017 09:42 in response to rileyroo

Morning ladies:-)

black eye Friday u need to keep ya own bubble around u nd yrs:-) sad t say but back in the day I would b one of them:-/ oh t b young nd care free again.... ok I’d settle for care free:-) glad u enjoyed once u finally got there. 

Ive pretty much just got up :-0. Today is stretch day. Everything I wear is stretchy lol. Heading t Santa train then all family meet up for a pub Xmas dinner... oh my there is not enough stretch in the world lol. So. Xmas jumper on then let the challenges begin. Sing me lungs out on train - flirt with Santa (what he’s age appropriate for me;-) then stuff me face.. yeahhh. 

Everyone enjoy ur day as best u can whatever u r doing. X

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23 Dec 2017 09:44 in response to Sandra123

Go grab yaself a toyboy Santa! It’s probably a forty year old wearing a lot of padding!

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23 Dec 2017 10:11 in response to Sandra123
Ha Ha! That provided a good chuckle this morning! A woman after my own heart! If he has a sidekick (toyboy) send him down to me! Sounds like a busy day. I'm going to cook a couple of things then a light clean. My son is on his way!!! He sent us a pic of his luggage and got me so excited!!! Enjoy your day ladies and stay well.xc

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23 Dec 2017 10:25 in response to Jbains

Yeah, I’ll have his other brother, don’t want a complete

minger obviously, just to be clear! 


Enjoy having your family back together Jbains. Guessing it will be radio silence from your neck of the woods for the next few days so have a lovely Christmas!

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23 Dec 2017 13:21 in response to rileyroo

I wish you ladies a very merry, healthy xmas and just remember to take it easy.  We've all come such a long way and lots to celebrate with our loved ones. A massive BIG virtual hug to you guys!

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23 Dec 2017 13:24 in response to Jbains

You too! 

I’ve now got a guilt complex so an cleaning!