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20 Dec 2017 20:46 in response to Jbains

Find I get headachy if I eat a lot of eggs, nuts tend to keep me on the loo more often. We all have issues!

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20 Dec 2017 21:23 in response to rileyroo
I would rather think we all have variety! Am in bed and going to sleep now. Let's see what shopping tomorrow brings. Like why do people buy so much food????? The shops are open the next day and how much can one eat? Sheesh! Wish me luck and i wish the same for you if going shopping!

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21 Dec 2017 11:04 in response to Jbains

Morning peeps:-)

ooh good luck on shopping front ( shops were quite yesterday when we went). We only buy enough food for the Xmas dinner( mind u we have 5 courses lol - worked out at £8:50 a head this yr so not too bad... I think :-/ lol. We cook the meat the night before nd all have hot beef sandwiches Xmas eve when kids in bed nd   Gifts all set up...yum. 

This morning I’ve Changed beds nd nd set washing away before heading t daughters. Breakfast, dressed nd school run done for lil one then took other l one for walk down woods to collect holly and greenery for Xmas table. Back nd having  first cuppa of the day while reading Xmas story t lil one. Life is good:-) 

have a goodin whatever ur doing peeps x


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21 Dec 2017 18:38 in response to Sandra123

Evening all! That’s me done until 2 January 2018, 13 days apparently but who’s counting?!

Chill time now, can start to think about the future and not dwell on the past, what has happened in the last year won’t leave me but I might be able to set it aside now and think about what I can do and not what I can’t. 

York tomorrow to pick up last two presents and then a meal with an old friend and my god daughter. Will get the bus tho’, not fighting with the Friday traffic and Mad Friday revellers. Christmas can now begin, and breathe

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21 Dec 2017 19:58 in response to Sandra123
OMG shops were mad! Daughter dragged me around for 3 hours for a dress to wear and man is there alot of stuff out there that is either really unsuitable or you think why are they charging that much for that piece if ****! Then food shopping at 2 different places and am utterly exhausted! But it's done! How are you all? Wow Sandra sounds like you are enjoying xmas and well prepared! At least its getting milder. Apparently in Calgary (where I'm from) had 31 inches of snow. Man sure dont miss that! Hope you all had a good day and are getting excited for xmas! Have a good rest of evening ladies.

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21 Dec 2017 20:38 in response to Jbains

Yeayyyy we r all ready to actually enjoy:-) 

eee my sister in law rang t say she had a Turkey for me!!!  Apparently my brother ( who has a small holding) bought 4 turkeys nd has raised them free range for Xmas. Got attached to them nd wanted to keep them as pets but the sister in law put her foot down nd said no. So I now have the one named “gobbledegook” oven ready at mine- bless-  nd it’s the blinking size of a house! I already have my meat in.!!! 2 have been donated to charity nd they have kept the other. Brother looks gutted( sorry gobbledygook). 

I am also now down t my knuckles from fingers going faster than a hummingbirds wings ordering on line from the Next sale. Got myself a new coat nd jacket nd 4 jumpers ( that in reality I don’t really need but hey merry Christmas t me). Enough clothes nd footwear to kit the lil ones out for a yr lol. Time for alcohol nd wish they hadn’t named the blinking turkey I will b eating:-/ x

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21 Dec 2017 21:00 in response to Sandra123
Sounds like you're gonna have turkey everything for days! Remember to take it easy. Your body has been through a lot. I still have no letter from hospital with mammo results. Guess no news is good news. My son comes home in 2 days and it's the best xmas present ever! So hard letting go. Got all his favourite things to eat as well. Gonna relax tomorrow as am tired. Don't wanna get ill before Xmas.

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21 Dec 2017 21:06 in response to Sandra123

Oh I wish I fitted in Next stuff but I’m not shaped right for it ! Not sure what I’m best in at the mo altho I did find a lovely skirt in New Look at half price, go me! My whole outfit cost less than £20 so was chuffed with that. The positive for today is that I’m starting to be able to wear ‘proper’ bras again! 

I remember having Sunday lunch with one of my friends at the time, she lived on a small farmstead, and she just said very casually, who are we eating today then mum? Turned out is was a cow that I remembered being a very young calf and feeding with a bottle, this was a while later obviously. Kind of didn’t eat much more after that. She was called Daisy, the cow that was!

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21 Dec 2017 21:15 in response to rileyroo

Guess that's the reality of it. We don't think of it when we buy meat from shops or butchers. I bought a small turkey crown as only 3 people eating it. Poor turkeys.

Glad you both got some bargains. I love bargains!! 

Baking day on sat. Oh and cleaning the paint I got all over the bathroom tiles (oops)! Never again will I attempt decorating again. I'll stick to decorating my xmas cookies!

Got a nice chocolate liqueur and toffee vodka. One glass and I'll be asleep!

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21 Dec 2017 21:27 in response to Jbains

I only ever buy a turkey breast. There is a maximum of 4 that will eat it, if foster son is here I do a quorn roast for him as he is full on veggie. There is enough other stuff that goes with it, stuffing, pigs in blankets and mountains of veg, so don’t need masses of meat. Not sure if I’m doing pate or soup for starter, but both are already in the house. None of us like Christmas pud so this year it will be a sticky toffee pudding, sometimes I do an apple crumble but with what is almost a caramel sauce. Sounds disgusting but it’s a bit yum. 

Take it steady tomorrow Jbains, otherwise you’ll be too knackered when your son gets home on Saturday to enjoy the reunion. A bit of muck isn’t going to hurt any one and it’s you he’s comimg to see not a pristine house. Now drink your alcohol like a good gurl!

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21 Dec 2017 21:36 in response to rileyroo

Eeee I know bit off putting like. Reckon will need t freeze some of the meat I already had bought. Don’t normally have turkey xmas day but hey ho ( don’t get me wrong- lovely gesture nd 1 has gone t a children’s home nd another t a group who make Xmas dinner for the homeless). I’m so surprised at brother cos on his small holding he just keeps rare breeds nd llamas.... just t look at lol. Put money on it this won’t happen again bless. 

I so love a bargain. I saw the coat when they first got it in but was £80 nd thought sheesh- not paying that.... happy t pay £30 tho lol.  H&M’s  the shop I struggle most with for fitting - I’m either a 6 or a 22 when buying there lol. Now ignore sizes nd just keep trying till it fits whatever size :-)))

ive been t Calgary jbains ( just on hol tho:-) my daughters friend now lives in Edmonton they too have snow nd it’s -9 there today. I’m still gonna grumble when it’s cold tho ha ha. X



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21 Dec 2017 21:43 in response to rileyroo

Sound lush rileyroo. I love Xmas pud but it’s too heavy after rest of meal so we have trifle. 

Jbains u decorate like me then;-) when finish takes nearly as long to take paint off where it shouldn’t b like floor nd somehow it like I used me hands nd not a brush cos I’m covered too  lol. Bet u all can’t wait t see ya family - what it’s really all about x

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22 Dec 2017 09:23 in response to Sandra123

Amazing how much better you can feel after a good nights sleep!!! Even boring housework seems more tolerable!

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22 Dec 2017 10:26 in response to rileyroo
Yeh too much meat gets consumed. When at m&s there were piles and piles of all different meats. I certainly dint want to go to the shops again so resting today for sure! I agree with different shops and sizes - have to try everything on first no matter what size! Glad to say am 2 sizes smaller than last year. One good thing about having cancer! My best xmas pressie us my son coming home. Cannot wait!!!! Oh wow you've been to Calgary! I miss the mountains and all the outdooriness (is that even a word??) Well you know what i mean. There are some very soppy low budget xmas films on telly. Good to fall asleep! Yes boss, am gonna really rest and turn a blind eye to it all. Hubby going out this morning to get remainder stuff as he's only at work 4 hours today. My body is telling me off and I'm relaying that to my mind. It'd best listen! Have a restful, healthy and great day ladies. If I have a drink tonight I shall make sure I say cheers to you both!

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22 Dec 2017 11:41 in response to Jbains

Well have a drink and enjoy it for me! I can’t tolerate alcohol these days, was bad enough before all this started but now, eeeeuw.