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Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 17:27 in response to Jbains

Going out with my friends tonight for our Christmas meal. I had a look at the menu’s earlier and wasn’t thrilled with any of the options which is really unusual, I struggle to make a choice normally cos I like all of them. Looking on the positive side, probably means I won’t get indigestion!!

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 17:33 in response to rileyroo

I find the same issue as I don't eat meat or fish. Not too many options depending where you go. 

Enjoy the time out rileyroo.

Tigercub hope you're feeling better and keeping warm.

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 17:35 in response to Jbains

Won’t be a late night, restaurant closes at 9-30. 

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 08:00 in response to Jbains

Hi.went for meal yesterday with some elderly relatives .food was. Ice when got it .I asked for fishcakes . waitress came to apologize mine had been dropped on floor and it was last one so had make another choice and would not get charged fair enough .but took ages to arrive every one else had finished there meal I was feeling sick which is normal for chemo and hungry but couldn't eat it all .but hey ho these things happen you have laugh at end of day every one else was annoyed and I just wanted go home bed .got another meal Thursday with work colleagues different pub .so hopefully that will be better .I'm going make that last one while it's getting bit awkward for me not them . eating when you feel sick is different and I feel people are watching me .and loo visits they must think I'm bulimic ha ha .oh well time breakfast always welcome hubby making porridge .

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 08:39 in response to tigercub
Morning ladies. Aw Tigercub its a shame the staff couldn't get their act together. Yes you gotta laugh otherwise you just stress yourself. Glad you got out and went. Yes hope Thursdays one is better service. I think sometimes people just don't know how to react and don't want to be too sympathetic or not enuf. I just avoided all situations like that during and short while after treatment. Guess I was just a coward. Enjoy your porridge. Ok rileyroo and Sandra - don't tell me off......... I decided to paint the bathroom ceiling. Got 1/4 of the way and had had it. I couldn't leave it like that so had to finish it. Got to the point where legs just buckled so rested. It's so frustrating that I feel like I can do this but my body doesn't! Told hubby he's got a task on sat! I've always been a do-er and been waiting 5 weeks for him to do it. Couldn't stand it. Best thing is I didn't need to go to the gym for a workout! Yes guaranteed I won't move from sofa tday. Enjoy your day and hope work meal was good rileyroo.

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 09:06 in response to Jbains

Oh decorating takes it out you good for having go .I'm going have go doing skirting board bedroom think I'll be ok for that . hubby done everything else.his knees are bad so think skirting be difficult for him . probably take me ages but I got plenty time 

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 10:01 in response to tigercub

At least you've made me feel not alone in trying to be "normal". How you do it is admirable. You are an inspiration for the rest of us.

There are some good Xmas films on telly and hopefully my car will be ready today. Going to be very painful paying such a big amount this month. My poor car was ill. Nevermind it was sooner or later so best to just get it fixed and over and done with as next year is going to be so good. I'm gonna kick this year goodbye so hard and soòoò look forward to 2018.

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 10:22 in response to Jbains

Oh it's so hard when car is ill .I'd be lost without mine it's old 14 years but still good runner bit dented .nurses and docs tell me to keep driving long as possible .I go out most days then rest after noon.ive had more pain this week seeing consultant Friday so hopefully get some answers I started on painkillers today and seem eased a bit .the liver can enlarge ? Or you can have extra fluid abdomen can swell mine certainly has  .been told can have fluid drained if gets severe . lovely.but I have a week free of chemo drugs so hopefully improve.its all normal apparently great .going potter at home today .

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 13:35 in response to Jbains

What are we going to do with you, hmmm?!

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 14:34 in response to rileyroo

Afternoon ladies. 

Ah bet u can’t wait to finish Rileyroo. Hope u had a good night last night nd good company:-)

jbains I get it- I’m the type that if I buy a light shade- as soon as back in house- ladders are out nd it’s up ( let’s not discuss my staircase;-). Relax nd enjoy yr day. 

Blimey tigercub... I love your outlook and Vibrance. Go u girl. Enjoy yr free week.:-)

had good laugh at meal yesterday nd food was lush. Been t lil ones nativity today they were sooo cute. Delivered cards and..and been t shops nd food shop done ( dated use by 28th- yes)..Xmas can officially now happen for my family lol. 

So.. just back from a good ol pub meal nd now kicking back with my new tipple ( disaronno ) mmm where have u been all my life;-) enjoy the rest of yr day ladies x


Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 14:48 in response to Sandra123
Ok lesson learned rileyroo. Got my car back - much better. Am on sofa and have been. I have a meal out locally with few friends tonite but just cannot be asked. I'm a real hermit lately. I'll get my oomph back. Might get some food shopping done tomorrow. Have an enjoyable day and enjoy your ripple Sandra. Have been on green tea - not same effect but feel as if I've put weight on so gotta get to gym when I can but in meantime control my diet before splurging next week. At least I have my car now. How's the tiredness rileyroo?

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 15:17 in response to Jbains

Ready for the break if I’m honest. Looking forward to not feeling pressured into conforming with the norm and doing my own thing without having to worry about being tired and having enough energy for what others want! Oh god I sound like my mother! Why, aye hinnie!

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 17:49 in response to rileyroo

Ha ha rileyroo. Our mothers allllways come out in us at some point Happy

u know if it feels too much u can always go see yr dr for a sick note- no one is judging nd without question u come first. 

Yeay jbains u got wheels again:-) rileyroo is right - don’t dance to someone else’s tune when u don’t have too - if u don’t fancy/want to go tonight u don’t have to again no one is judging us:-)

enjoy the rest of yr night lasses whatever u fancy doing Happy x

Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 18:17 in response to Sandra123

I’ve already said if I don’t start

getting some support I’ll go back off sick and cite stress as the reason. Scared the *#%! Out of the manager! Bloody typical but he’s been off sick the last two days with a cold! He does get severe tinitus and colds make it worse but really? He does this pretty much every year at around this time and gets away with it. Don’t do as I do etc...

Know how you feel about being naked without a car Jbains, although I can pretty much walk where ever I need to, just knowing that I can jump in the car and go means a lot.





Re: Onwards...

20 Dec 2017 18:23 in response to tigercub

Your friends won’t judge you, your real one’s that is. So just enjoy meeting them for what friendship means, the food is only the excuse to meet.