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Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 15:01 in response to Jbains

Oh deep, deep joy!

Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 18:17 in response to Jbains

Oh dear in the house - best stay in while slippy out Wink  my joints seem certainly no worse since starting the letrozole ( but it was stated as a common side effect) I was orig told I’d b on it 5 yrs but at my discharge they said the guidelines had changed nd I’d b on it 10 yrs!

Nothing worse than an unexpected cost. Always feels a kick that it’s cost u just to get back to where u were too bless  x


Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 18:30 in response to Sandra123

Yay! Something else to look forward to! To be fair, nothing was mentioned about changing to 10 years not 5 when I was discharged back to the bcu. No doubt I’ll be enlightened in August when I go for my appointment with the consultant. 

Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 18:49 in response to rileyroo
I was told 5 years on tamoxifen and 5 years on letrozole. The tamoxifen is pushing me thru menopause which is probably why I get a bit irritable. It's meant to be really cold tomorrow so be careful and stay warm. Life is like that - you think yours on the up and another curveball is thrown at you. Just wish the results of mammo would come so I can be carefree at xmas. Try the hurricane brush by jml - saves the arms from scrubbing. Highly recommend it. I promised not to clean yesterday and i did a little...... My list is getting smaller!

Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 19:35 in response to Jbains

Hmmm I came off hrt last year so this is the third menopause I’ve done as I had a hysterectomy with ovary removal 9 years ago and wasn’t allowed any hormones for a year afterwards. This is a picnic compared to that. 

Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 19:59 in response to rileyroo
Oh dear that sounds rough. I've had PCOS so hormones are totally screwed up. Apparently xmas is going to be mild - that's when most people are indoors!

Re: Onwards...

18 Dec 2017 20:07 in response to Jbains

Damn! I was hoping for a nice frosty one!  No work for over a week so it would have been nice!

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 08:19 in response to rileyroo

Morning ladies:-)

i was discharged end of nov when told re 10 yrs so might have been an overlap from your discharge... or not lol. Tbh if it’s blocking the oestrogen that feeds the cancer then I’m more than happy to continue taking. 

2 I thoughts that’s changed

1 - thought I’d finished wrapping but son in law dropped off daughter gifts from him for me t wrap  t b fair he did 1 nd what a plight lol - it is for the best ha ha.

2- though I was babysitting today but daughter off so... think we will have a browse around shops nd a coffee :-))

6th Xmas meal todaytea time ish ( then just Santa train nd family meal on Saturday).

jbains there cannot b anything else t clean at yrs (def wishing we lived closer cos if u r running out I could give u some of mine Wink

when do u break up riley bet u can’t wait eee the excitement lol x


Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 08:38 in response to Sandra123
Ha ha nope no more to clean. It sounds like alot but it isn't. It's just that am so slow now and get too tired doing one little thing. Just a hoover to be whipped around on sat which hubby will do. Wow shops are probably going to be crazy by weekend. Am doing my food shop early fri morning as I'm sure 10,000 others will have the same idea! Cold day today so wrap up warm ladies. I think the tamoxifen doesn't stop you producing estrogen - it blocks the receptors in the cell that feed the cancer. We'd all look like men if we stopped producing estrogen. Whatever it is its horrid and I'm just going to put it outta my mind. It's a daily chore so I now do it without thinking. I take mine at 2:30pm as that's after lunch and I've already had half a day to feel good before it does its job of sideffects. Have a great day and stay well and warm.

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 09:02 in response to Jbains

I take mine at 10:00 pm so prob sleeping through the side effects lol.

My bug bear is how most of the fresh foodstuffs have a best before of around the 22nd. Cmon give us a break shops... u know we r buying all this s*** for the 25th.... sigh. 

Fa la la la lahhh la la la lahhh ;-)x


Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 09:15 in response to Sandra123

Ha ha ha so true! I spotted that on even the mince pies! All this for one day.....

Hubby got work xmas party today so might go out with daughter for early dinner. We shall see....

I have no car. Feel so naked without it! Guess the car wanted sthg for xmas as well!

Yes fa-la-la-la  - help!

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 13:49 in response to Sandra123

Break Thursday lunchtime, can’t come soon enough to be honest. Had my what is laughingly referred to as

my Employee Development Review yesterday, told the manager what I thought of the ‘support’ over the last four weeks. Made it very plain that coming back on a phased return isn't just about getting back into the swing of work but also about me getting back to being healthy and that won’t happen if the current level of support and demand continues. He was supposed to have his edr

today, gone off sick, very convenient!

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 16:05 in response to rileyroo

Oh dear that doesn't sound very encouraging .think it's long time before I return work .have all be done through occupational health so I've been told .we shall see I definitely won't be aiming for full time .much reduced hours . wouldn't be able do it now 8 hour shift would finish me off .

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 16:26 in response to tigercub

Doing 5 at the moment and couldn’t do anymore. 

Re: Onwards...

19 Dec 2017 17:17 in response to rileyroo

Health comes first but we need money to live. Employers can be quite ruthless at times. Mine knew my biopsy results but still made me redundant. I'm actually glad but now I want to work. I know there's no way I can do a commute with 8 hours work every day. Let's see what the future holds - glad to put this year behind me.

Let's enjoy xmas and time which is valuable with loved ones. Time is something that wont stand still for anyone and time to appreciate how far we've come.

Watching a film called "Nerve" - very crazy film. Take it easy ladies and enjoy your evening.