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9 Feb 2018 18:57

Hi all saw oncologist today was very pleased with results of chemo .may have go back on chemo as liver tumour shrunk 50% which very good but it still sits on or next main vein so still inoperable .so more chemo may shrink it more .he's keen get bowel surgery done soon .need another MRI scan liver to see if shrunk since last scan 4 weeks ago .so not quite what we were hoping hear .but just take bit longer get there 

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9 Feb 2018 20:52 in response to tigercub

Hi there tigercub ... well it may be baby steps ... but it's going the right way ... so here's to getting there in the end ... back in the ring maybe but you do the final knockout blow to this cancer ... so here's to you , brave lass ... Chrissie x

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9 Feb 2018 21:12 in response to tigercub

Progress then even if not as much as we hoped. Can sirgery go ahead or does it have to wait until

after chemo?

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9 Feb 2018 21:24 in response to Chriss

Thanks .we were very nervous waiting in room for hour for doc to come .but it's still good because bowel tumour is not visible so I guess there hoping more chemo might do trick knock it out 

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9 Feb 2018 21:27 in response to rileyroo

No they won't operate on liver unless it shrinks off main vein .alth alth it shrunk 50% the stupid thing must shrunk all on one side . nothing ever simple black n white always changing .hop h for bowel surgery soon before more chemo .he could see by my face what I thought of more chemo 

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9 Feb 2018 21:29 in response to tigercub

No one will ever Like the thought of more chemo, especially you who’s had such problems with it. 

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9 Feb 2018 21:33 in response to rileyroo

No I know .well if it had to be it has to be  .doc said years ago they used give people 6 months chemo straight off trouble was he said many were too worn out to cope with surgery . hopefully we'll know bit more Thursday .

Re: Onwards

9 Feb 2018 21:35 in response to tigercub

Keep fingers crossed for you and hope that your luck is turning.