Together we will beat cancer


One year on

5 Dec 2021 21:36

Its been one year since I lost my darling wife of 49 years to this wicked disease cancer, we first met when we were 10years old. I looked after her for the last four months of her life and held her in my arms as she passed.

The feeling of loss and emptiness inside that i feel is as strong now as it was when she died, i still cry nearly every day and i find even when i am out in shop or just driving thinking about her starts me off is this normal when will it start to ease.    

One year on

6 Dec 2021 00:10 in response to Michaelfrank3


I was checking in here because it is 2 years on Friday since my Mum died. She had been married to my Dad for 53 years as they were teenage sweethearts. I can't conceive of the pain you are feeling. I saw it and still see it with my Dad. 

Your post struck me because you ask if it was normal to cry and feel her loss every day. I don't think it would be possible to love someone for that long and not. My Dad is slowly wading through his grief but there are many days when it overwhelms him. I don't know if you are a keen reader but the book "It's ok that you are not ok" by Megan Devine really helped. Also this piece of writing

I hope Michael that you have people to support you and talk about your wife with you. It is clear how loved she was. Be kind to yourself xx