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One more day to wait !

19 Apr 2017 08:30

Hi ,I went for my first mammogram .Got a recall two weeks later .Got another mammogram then was asked to sit in the waiting room .Then got asked back in got another mammogram this time they used a pen to mark off an area they wanted .I then got a scan .I was told there is a hard mass in my left breast and they wanted to take a biopsy .I got this done and was told results in one week .Tomorrow .I feel like I can't function properly .Everything runs through your mind .Weird thing is.There is no lump there ,everything feels normal ! 

Re: One more day to wait !

19 Apr 2017 15:24 in response to morgan_v

Hello morgan, and a very warm welcome to Cancer Chat.

I noticed you mentioned that you're due to get the results of your biopsy tomorrow and wanted to stop by to wish you all the very best for the appointment. Waiting is so hard, and keeping your mind off the subject is often easier said than done! 

We often have people post on here who are waiting for results, so you're not alone - please do feel free to search the forum for discussions and join in if you feel able to do so.

I'm also just including a link here to the information on the Breast Cancer Care website about what to expect when getting your results. I hope it's helpful. 

We're here if you want to let us know how it goes - thinking of you,


Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: One more day to wait !

20 Apr 2017 09:29 in response to morgan_v

Hi Morgan

Good luck today - please pop back and let us know how you get on. x

Re: One more day to wait !

20 Apr 2017 09:39 in response to manicomio1208

Hi ,I was just getting ready to leave for my appointment and I got a phonecall to say ,everything is fine and not to bother going today See you in three years ! I am ecstatic having had one of the worst weeks of my life worrying .I hope anyone else  going through the same gets the same results .Thought I would post and hopefully let's others see there can be a good outcome. Good luck to everyone x  

Re: One more day to wait !

20 Apr 2017 23:33 in response to morgan_v


Hi Morgan,

This is great news - we don't hear good news like this often enough!

I hope that you continue to keep well and clear of cancer..

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: One more day to wait !

21 Apr 2017 09:27 in response to morgan_v

That is great news!! I'm glad you came back and updated us. There are so many sad stories on here, so it is nice to hear a positive one too. Take care x