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One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 13:08

Just come across this little poem and wanted to share ...

One lonely soldier marching on, afraid of what's in store...

He / she was in a battle for their life, and scared of facing more...

Their spirits soon were lifted, at the sight of something new...

A fellow soldier joined her, they were now an army of two ...


Once again it happened, someone joined them in their fight...

And that first lonely soldier,  began to see some light ...

Every where they looked now, there came a friendly face ...

More soldgers to join the battle, to see her/him through the race ...


They came in every colour, both the young and the old....

They stood together side by side, their spirits growing bold ...

They would fight together faithfully, for this soldier was their friend ...

Supporting them through this battle...

With a love that has no end ...


Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 13:24 in response to Chriss

Don’t know where you found this, Chriss but it is so applicable to all of us on here whether we have/had the dratting disease or those supporting us. 

Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 14:24 in response to Chriss

Wow Chrisie 

well this was written by someone who has experienced the disease and knows our struggle. Very poignant and true. 

Thank you for sharing x

Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 16:48 in response to rileyroo

Thank you both ... when I look at those posts you do, and the courage it gives newbies when they read it ... it really does feel like a little family on here ... all of us saying "up yours to cancer, it may make us sick ... but it won't change the people we are ... WE'LL FIGHT IT ON THE BEACHES... OH NO I got Churchill commin in then ... but seriously,  here's to all us buddies we have become, and caring and still no matter what a little sprinkling of humour too ... ❤ xx 

Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 18:31 in response to Chriss

Just to be contrary, I don't like it. 

While I appreciate that a lot of others do and am glad if it gives them some comfort, I see it as nonsense.

Technically, it doesn't always scan properly, which shows a lack of effort on the part of the poet, as correcting that should/would be a simple matter.

Mostly though, I don't get the concept of a battle. We get cancer, we get treated and the treatment works wholly or partly, or it does not. Other treatments may or may not be tried. We have a choice as to whether we accept the treatment and choose according to our own reasoning.

Where is the battle? What fighting have I done? How am I a soldier? What weapons have I used?

Anyway, just my thoughts, I realise they don't conform to everybody else's.


Best Regards


Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 19:13 in response to Taff

Hi Taff,

I actually liked the poem, especially the spirit of comradeship it invokes, but I can see where you're coming from. 

Like you, I dislike allusions to wars and battles ... but like it or not you and I have done a lot of fighting. We chose to take our concerns to a doctor, we chose to consent to diagnostic tests and scans and we  chose to have the prescribed treatment. After treatment I for one fought like hell to get back to a level of fitness where I could enjoy life again and be physically fit enough to face another regime of chemo if my cancer grows again. My poor dog got dragged through wind, sleet and snow as I walked my way back to a reasonable level of fitness. 

There is a massive amount of luck involved, for example treatment which works for one person has little or no effect on someone with identical symptoms. However, unless we choose to follow a care plan and reject suicide and the do nothing option (also known as "fighting cancer") we won't have much luck. 

Just my two ha'porth Wink






Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 20:25 in response to Taff

Sorry the poem so upset you ... it was written by someone who felt alone on his journey until he realised there were many others on the same journey as him ... and how they helped each other through so no one should ever feel alone ... I have never called my cancer a battle ... as my posts show ... this poem just reminded me of how we hold each others hand on here ... the poem touched my heart .. I never wanted to cause controversy.. we all have different opinions and I love that .. but your post has truly hurt ... and now I wish I'd not wrote it ... actually I'm not sorry I wrote it as some actually  get the message ..  

Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 20:41 in response to Chriss

It rang bells with a lot of us Chriss, don’t be sorry. We all deal with cancer in our own way, this shows that way can be similar for some but not all. 


Going to shut up now for a change. 

Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 21:28 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss,

Your post, the poem, didn't upset me at all and you haven't caused any controversy with me. I fully understand the emotions involved; the feelings of empathy and the acknowledgement of the support from members of this forum as well as counless other forums.

It was not my intention to hurt you or anybody else but I'm not sure I can reasonably be expected to agree with every post, simply because it appears on a cancer forum. And if I did just go along with everybody else's idea of the way things are or should be, then I wouldn't be being true to myself.

I realise I don't think the same as everyone else and have previously posted as to why that might be. I note your efforts to be helpful and supportive to others. I try to be helpful and supportive as well, it's just that I see things from a different perspective.

And as the father of an actual soldier, who has done real war-fighting, how do you think I feel being seen in the same light, when I'm merely one of the one in three who'll get cancer in their lifetimes? My son doesn't have cancer and I'm not a soldier. Two different circumstances and not similar.

I've nothing against people thinking of cancer as a battle and fighting it, I just happen to disagree. Because I think it's nonsense.

All in all, I'm a man of little consequence. Please don't let anything I post upset you because nothing I post is intended to hurt.*


* Unless I consider a poster to be a charlatan, seeking to exploit cancer sufferers.


Best Regards


Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 21:43 in response to davek

Hi Davek, who did you fight? I'd have used the word struggle or effort or similar. But I know what you mean.

I wonder if I'm somehow lesser, or maybe some sort of coward for not putting in a similar effort? Possibly just lazy. 

While I'd tend to agree with your general thrust, I'm unsure if the effort of getting fit for further treatment might be counter-productive for me. It could possibly make me worse or affect my present quality of life, such as it is.

And as at all times, especially when posting, I'm aware that I might be wrong.


Best Regards



Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 23:30 in response to Taff

Hi Taff,

Like I said, I dislike allusions to wars and battles, my pet hate is when politicians refer to being in the front line when they're talking about non-military affairs. I've never been in the armed forces and I have every respect for those like my brother and your son who have. I've had a taste of what life is like in a war zone and it isn't an experience I would like to repeat. Anyone who voluntarily goes into one through a sense of duty knowing the risk is a special kind of person.

Fight, struggle, effort - call it what you like - but choosing to do something rather than nothing (even if its just popping the pills as directed and turning up for appointments) to me means you're fighting/struggling with/making an effort to avoid cancer taking your life prematurely. I fight against myself and the temptations of self-pity and despair more than anything, if I'm being honest. 

Of course I don't think you're a lesser person, a coward, or lazy - we do what we feel is appropriate to our circumstances. Some days just getting out of bed and facing the world feels like an achievement to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

You're right, one in three people will have cancer at some stage in their life, but the vast majority of those people will get it in old age. I find it easier to cope with in my late fifties when my kids are grown up than I would have done at the age of 30 when they were babies and when I had my first cancer scare.

Your last line made me smile. I used to tell my eldest son that people could have many different points of view without any of them necessarily being wrong. Facts and opinions are two different things altogether, but too many people conflate the two. 

All the best


Re: One cancer soldier ..

23 Nov 2017 23:37 in response to Taff

Hi taff . just for the record ... I was married to a soldier who was in the engineers regiment for 22 years ... he was on a bomb finding team ... and was in the Falklands... my oldest son went in the forces when he was just 16 for 7 years ... and as I said although I never say battle, I respect those who do... on here I've met so many brave and lovely people and if the person who wrote that poem wants to see it as his battle , I think he is as brave as my husband was, looking for and disarming those bombs ... he would say the same ... at my cousins funeral a couple of weeks ago, they said he lost his battle with cancer ... was they wrong too ..   

I respect different opinions ... but sometimes it's the way it's said ... and thank you dave , your opinion means a lot ... I don't want to get into this, any more so won't reply again ...  but wish you well on whatever journey your on ... and so sorry to anyone reading these posts ... I only tried to bring a little light and never meant for this to happen ... 

Re: One cancer soldier ..

24 Nov 2017 00:31 in response to Chriss

So sorry you've been caught up in this Chriss. 


The amount of support you give to others on here is unbelievable when you’ve been through in life what you have. 


Please don’t let this get you down. 



Yes, I know I should be asleep, but I’m having one of those nights when I can't get my ear lobes comfortable never mind the rest of me.  

Re: One cancer soldier ..

24 Nov 2017 01:06 in response to Chriss

Chriss, this is light. Not an argument about who's right or wrong, just a discussion about different perspectives.

I can see for example, bravery. I can see it in many cancer sufferers, just as I can see it in some soldiers actions, at certain times. And bravery such as your husband's, I think, is rare. I can't see any bravery in anything I've ever done though, even though I've got cancer.

As for what was said at your cousin's funeral, no, they were not wrong and at no point have I said anybody is wrong in describing things the way they do.

I've no problem with anybody describing anything in any way they choose; I simply mean that, to me, lots of things are nonsense. I can think of people, opinions and various other things for which I have no respect. And my way of thinking says there's no need for anyone to respect any opinion of mine and they're free to consider anything I write or say, as nonsense..

It's plain that my thoughts on your original post and the way I write has upset you. It was not my intention to upset anybody, so for that, I am sorry. Truly.

Please don't stop posting, your input here is much valued by everybody, including me.

My condolences on the loss of your cousin.


Best Regards


Re: One cancer soldier ..

24 Nov 2017 01:30 in response to davek

Fair one Davek, good post. I can't disagree with the way you use fight, I'm persuaded.

Extending my logic, it's obvious that for some, if not many/most, the use of battle is equally appropriate.

Ah well, I did say that I thought differently.

On a slightly different tack, when I first saw the thread titles about pictures, quotes, birds and animals, I thought, nonsense. Then I had a look, was immediately hooked, and viewed each and every one. I'm an avid follower of those threads and find them . . . uplifting.

Seems my opinions can be nonsense as well.


Best Regards