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Oncotype DX test

23 Jan 2023 06:07

Hi all you ladies, have any of you had the Oncotype DX test ? I had 2 breast cancer operations, 1 on 22nd Sept and 1 on 10th October. I've still not had the results of my Oncotype test, it's now been over 3 months. I've been chasing it up every week but still no results and nobody seems to know when i will know to continue with the next stage of treatment. How long did you all have to wait for results if you had this test ?

I'm getting quite anxious and worried.

Oncotype DX test

23 Jan 2023 07:58 in response to Barkell

Hi barkell

i waited 2 weeks for Oncotype results from signing form to results 

love Lara ❤️

Oncotype DX test

23 Jan 2023 08:38 in response to Barkell


i was told at my appointment it can take up to 3 week's maximum, the sample has to get to California however you can ask your oncologist to look on the portal as it shows if it's arrived there safely ect 

I completely understand the 2 week wait for me was the worst time ever I struggled at that time massively .

have you signed the forms for it or was it a discussion that they are going to do it ? 

love Lara ❤️



Oncotype DX test

24 Jan 2023 22:55 in response to Barkell

Hi Barkell, it took about 3 weeks for results to come back