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Obsessed with developing testicular cancer

18 Sep 2019 23:31

How can I deal with the fear of developing testicular cancer? I’m a 26 year old man who unfortunately has never managed to get over my fears of developing testicular cancer. I struggle every day with my anxiety and this is increasingly affecting my daily life. I worry every waking hour, and I check myself constantly to the point that I have caused myself damage and developed varicoceles in both testicles, which only makes me worry even more because of the fear that the inflammation and subsequent oxidative stress are increasing my risk of developing it. This is having major negative consequences in my everyday life. Therapy sessions with the doctors have not helped much, and I just don’t know what to do.

Obsessed with developing testicular cancer

19 Sep 2019 05:31 in response to Algovi93

Hi Algovi93

So sorry you are feeling this way - I took am very much like this due to suffering massively with anxiety. I posted yesterday and the nurse gave me some good links for anxiety counselling and help. I see you’ve been to therapy too but don’t feel as though it’s working. Hopefully a nurse will be along soon to speak with you.

Take care

Obsessed with developing testicular cancer

19 Sep 2019 14:59 in response to Algovi93

Hello and thanks for posting,

I am very sorry to learn how much anxiety about testicular cancer has taken over your life. I can well believe the negative consequences it is having.

Testicular cancer isn't very common and by far and away the majority of men will never develop it. But I doubt that anything I can say about this will help to allay your fears just because that is the nature of anxiety. Don't worry that you have done anything that might increase your risk or that being worried in itself will increase it either.  

I think you need to talk to your doctors again to see what else they can offer. We often suggest a NHS website called Moodzone which has tips for coping with stress and fighting fears and anxiety. And another organisation called Anxiety UK  might be worth getting in touch with. 

I hope your doctors can suggest something that may help and that things improve for you soon. 

Wishing you the best,


Obsessed with developing testicular cancer

2 Oct 2019 22:08 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your advice.

Apologies for taking long to reply, I often struggle with reaching out, as my anxiety increases and it becomes hard to write. I will talk to my GP again and hopefully manage to find a solution with them. I should have mentioned that I have OCD, of which I am quite aware, yet I can’t really control. I think the reason why previous attempts at therapy have failed is because the doctors quickly focused on the controlling of my anxiety part, rather than digging further into the origin of my worries. Unfortunately, hearing that I shouldn’t worry has never quite worked for me, as I need to understand the actual reasons why I shouldn’t worry. I am never really at ease, as I continuously question every possibility, however I find it easier to cope with my anxiety when I am fully informed about what worries me than otherwise. In that sense, uncertainty and ignorance make me feel quite anxious, while knowing about my problem and it consequences make me “more focused”, so to say. Less unstable. As a consequence, anxiety medications have been counterproductive for me, as they tackle the symptoms but not the underlying reasons for my anxiety, which in the end made it worse, as I temporarily lost my own coping mechanisms.

Thank you again for your advice, I feel simply expressing myself out here helped me a bit.

Kind regards,