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No apointment

17 Sep 2019 16:19

hi,i had breast cancer last year,i got a masectomy then 5 months later they remembered id to get chemo wich was after my husband reminded them,Its been a year and more now and iv never had a follow up apointment to see if things are alright,i have lost all mu faith in doctors,Cancer is not something for doctors to forget about,

No apointment

19 Sep 2019 22:14 in response to Dannyd123

Hello Dannyd123, 

I am sorry you feel you have been let down and it is a real shame that you haven't had a follow up appointment yet. I think you should perhaps give your hospital a call and ask whether they have an update for you on this and whether they could tell you when your follow up appointment would be. As you rightly say, this is a matter that should not be forgotten about so it is worth persevering and getting hold of someone who can tell you more and tell you when this appointment will be. 

Best of luck chasing it I really hope you find out more very soon. 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator