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No 2ww in Wales! Symptoms getting worse.

29 Mar 2023 07:33

Hi, new to forum. Terrified too. 

I've been ill for a month, gradually getting worse. Low appetite, feeling sick, abdominal pain, and nothing makes it better. 

Been to gp several times and A&E too. A&E would not scan me and gp thinks it's anxiety/ibs. I know it's not. The gp has finally refered for mri but haven't heard anything in 3 weeks (Wales)

Due to fear I got a private mri I am having tomorrow. 

Should I move from Wales to England (back to my parents) and register there to access the 2 week wait service? 

No 2ww in Wales! Symptoms getting worse.

29 Mar 2023 16:24 in response to Sam4X

There is a 2 week referral service in Wales.

the 2 week cancer referral pathway as it's called, is standard across the whole UK, but it would be up to your healthcare provider to instigate it. It is a reserved pathway for suspected cancer only.

But yes - the 2week pathway is a 'Thing' in Wales. I was referred under it right away. The chances are, your GP has decided not to refer you under the guidelines as they don't have any reason to suspect cancer. Remember they are the experts, not yourself 

No 2ww in Wales! Symptoms getting worse.

31 Mar 2023 08:25 in response to Sam4X

I'd do the private MRI and push it from there with the GP. I'm in London and couldn't get an appointment with my GP at all. Wouldn't answer the phone, wouldn't book online consultations cause they were overbooked. Had to get a referral from a private GP to my GP to the breast clinic. And yup, was cancer. AFTER it went to 'suspected cancer' is when they moved on.

Hopefully your case is stress / ibs but having 2 family members misdiagnosed, I'd say push it till you get your peace of mind. Keep in mind the symptoms may be getting worse because of stress but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get it thoroughly checked. 3 weeks is a long wait. Best of luck!