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NHS England consultation closes Sunday 30th September 2018

29 Sep 2018 22:48

Blink and you might miss it!
NHS England's survey about how the patients and public want the NHS to develop closes tomorrow (Sunday 30th September 2018). Not sure why this hasn't been promoted better!

This is our last chance to respond as individual members of the public. 


PS this is my third and final attempt to post this - for some reason my first two attempts failed Sad

NHS England consultation closes Sunday 30th September 2018

30 Sep 2018 00:01 in response to davek

Good grief, how has this passed me by until now? Thank you for bringing it to our attention, I'll go and have a good (or bad) read.

regards, gamechanger

ps only found out recently the nhs are paying Specsavers to take on audiology work and are closing previous nhs local access audiology services. I had a struggle to get our GP to refer my husband to Specsavers, it meant about five months off his wait for updated hearing aids. The head audiologist there said the nhs had cut their funding by 25% while expecting the same service. He wasn't sure how much longer they could keep the option running. Seriously worrying stuff.

NHS England consultation closes Sunday 30th September 2018

30 Sep 2018 10:27 in response to gamechanger

Things are getting tough out there.

We are told that "spending on the NHS is at record levels" but even if spending was only 1p more this year than last year that statement would still be true. 

Billions were spent on a top down restructuring which saw GP-led CCGs making spending decisions for NHS services in their areas according to local priorities ... then people wonder why cancer services are a postcode lottery. Under the Health & Social Care Act, all services had to be tendered to any willing provider - in effect forcing CCGs to outsource some services to private sector firms like Virgin and Specsavers, whilst making NHS staff redundant or forcing them into the private sector.. 

At the same time Public Health was taken away from the NHS and given to already cash-strapped local authorities, without the funding being ring-fenced.  The resulting cuts to local services were almost inevitanle. In some areas smoking cessation services have been outsourced to Boots and similar companies - far cheaper than clinically led services. 

All the money spent on outsourced NHS services and staff redundancies is counted as part of the "record amounts being spent on the NHS".