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Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

4 Feb 2023 14:58

Ive been reading a few posts over recent days, deciding whether to post or not  so decided to just go with an introduction .

i have just been recently diagnosed with breast cancer at 43 After a slow start getting the diagnosis, things seem to be moving at a pace now with scans /appointments etc so am going through all the emotions. 

Goodluck to all x

Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

4 Feb 2023 17:57 in response to Chaz2418

Hi there ....

So sorry you've joined our little club ( breast friends) I just wanted to let you know my journey with a grade three breast cancer her 2 neg, oestrogen positive...

I was diagnosed in 2017 ... had a right  masectomy...  looking back the hardest time was waiting for treatment to start.. my head was full of 'what  ifs' and thinking the worse case sinario... it was totally overwhelming...

But once I'd had my masectomy... there was very little pain ... did have a few hic cups along the way... with build up of fluid ... but got it drained ... did the exercises as per info sheet ... 

Sadly we hear so often of those we loose to breast cancer... but  I'm still here nearly 6 years down the line, and doing o.k ... my untie got the same a year after me ... and my male nephew developed it shortly after that ... and my friends daughter two years ago ... 

Wer all here to date ...  we all had different  stages and treatments ... yes we were all scared and you know ive come to realise its o.k not to feel o.k for a while .. have a bad day and know that's normal .. but then get your positive head back on and join us in kicking cancers butt  ...

Cancer wants us scared and to feel helpless .. don't let  it ...  stick two fingers up and look it in the eye, and know you can come on here and ask anything .. theres lots of us breast lasses on here ... youll always find someone to hold your hand ... your braver then you think ... you can do this... sending a vertual hug.... Chrissie x 

Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

5 Feb 2023 18:41 in response to Chaz2418

Hi chaz 


I see you had a lovely reply from Chris 

I too had breast cancer july 22 I'm finished treatment and living my life as it never happened time goes quick you soon get over the big huge bump in road that's all ot is you soon ne back to yourself ❤️❤️ big hugs please come back here for help chats rants advice we are all here for you xx 

Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

5 Feb 2023 19:35 in response to Chriss

Thanks Chrissie,  My diagnosis seems to be similar to yours in the grade3 oestrogen positive negative lymph nodes.  I have to go for another scan this week and then see consultant end of the month (be a long 3 weeks) to hopefully have things in definite order to start treatment

Glad you are doing ok, hoping you are great soon x

Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

5 Feb 2023 19:38 in response to laraj

Thanks for your reply Laraj,

Thats fantastic news about you,. . Hope you are keeping well x 


Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

5 Feb 2023 20:31 in response to Chaz2418


hope you are feeling ok it's up and down at start I promise you it gets so much better when you have your plan ect x❤️

Newly diagnosed. Breasr cancer

7 Feb 2023 09:29 in response to laraj

Thanks Lara,  im doing ok, just trying to keep busy in amongst the appointments/results at moment.  Once ive seen the consultant with the definite plan its hopefully all go from then. Just the waiting seems to be long. 

Dont think it helps my mind from going into overdrive as i first went to query my lump back last october but my referral was downgraded to routine  so i had to chase it up, finally got it seen to in January where i then received the dreaded news on the back of biopsys.. ❤️