Together we will beat cancer



17 Feb 2019 01:50

Hi, I've just joined tonight, a year ao I wa diagnosed with MM a year ago, I've had the treatent and so far things are ok, I'd welcome the oppurtunity to chat with others who are living with cancer, not neccersarrily MM, forgive the ****** spelling pleae


17 Feb 2019 10:38 in response to Hotspur61

Hi there and welcome .. 

Just join in on any threads you feel you can help , advise ... or just chat with ... lots of people are new to this all the time ... so jump in and I'm sure it will help others and yourself , just sharing ...

Chrissie x


17 Feb 2019 10:56 in response to Hotspur61

Hi Hotspur,

When you say MM do you mean multiple myeloma?