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16 Aug 2017 07:54

Hi new here and just beginning my cancer journey. Recalled from breast screening, had biopsy, go on 21st for results but already been told pretty sure it's cancer. So I'm very early on in the process. Would love to here from anyone in same boat. Thanks

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16 Aug 2017 17:48 in response to Sandra123


Hi Sandra,

Welcome to the forum.I am sorry to hear that you are not expecting good news when you get your results on 21st.

Hopefully, if it was routine breast screening which found it, you will have caught it in the early stages. .Waiting for results is always a scary spell and time seems to drag as you wait. Do your best to distract yourself by keeping busy and this should help time to pass a little quicker.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. There is always someone here if you feel like talking.

I hope that you get a favourable result on 21st.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

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18 Aug 2017 06:58 in response to Jolamine

Thanks for the reply Jolamine,

Yes it was caught from routine screening. I am currently doing the - at the moment I am in the same position as I was yesterday so getting on with day to day routine. I have moments of fear and could have should have in life. Then back to it is what it is so deal. The day of results is actually coming around fast so will know more then. Thanks again for the response much appreciated take care Sandra.