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New mole/mole like spots on feet

21 Oct 2019 11:15

Hi, I am worried about 2 new moles/mole like things in my feet. There pretty hard to describe but there both new especially the one on my big toe as I'm always looking at this toe and it's mainly out of covered shoes, socks (barefoot at home as don't go out often) due to previous problems (bengin bone growth removed but it's come back however I was told could regrow and it wasn't completely removed just shaved down so I am not too concerned about this) anyway the first I noticed is on my big toe at the top, i noticed it is after an accident, on our hoover there's loads of settings for what and where your hoovering so can take it down to parts. My 4 year old pressed the buttons without me knowing I picked it up and it landed on my left big toe. It was fine pain lasted minutes but had a tiny mark in the middle of my toe which has completely healed. Well about a week after or so I noticed a spot thing on my big toe. I've been keeping an eye on it and took a picture on the 8th of October which was over a week after noticing it to see if it changed which I don't think it has just stayed the same, could possibly have grown slightly as it seems to stand out more looking at it from standing or this could be me being more conscious of it. Well its round with a small dot next to it, deep redy brown colour, and is in the skin its flat not raised or anything. The second is one the other foot under my right little toe it looks like a big freckle kind of thing it's dark brown but looks deeper in skin rather than on surface as it seems to have a layer of normal skin over it if that makes sense, I get dry feet some times but it has dry crusted skin next to it I am unsure if its this or just typical dry skin for me. I noticed this after the first when applying creams but know its new as I regularly look at my feet and toes as I'm always applying creams twice a day for the dry skin I know I would of seen it before. Ive been to docs this morning and gp just looked at my big toe and said it's just a blood blister or a scab and to just leave it but I have been leaving it for 3 plus weeks and it's not going or getting any better or anything its not a scab cos I can't pick it off its in the skin like a mark in the skin and I've tried looking at blood blisters on the nhs webiste and they all say there filled with blood and raised so how can it be a blood blister. Now I'm not saying its anything serious but I don't think it's what he said at all didn't offer any advice on if it dosent go in so long or gets worse or anything feel like it was pointless and it's always case with this doc where I go you don't know who your seeing till you get called in and my family and some friends are registered here too he's notorious for getting people in and out as quick as possible and every thing being nothing or viral, he dosent even listen to you never mind ease your mind. I just don't get how it can be a blister when my shoes are never overly tight or anything because I'm careful with my shoes due to problems with bone growth my big toe dosent move and the bump I can't get into specific shoes cos it rubs the bump which makes it raw and swells it up and my whole toe etc so I always make sure they are well fitted around that since after the surgery. I did drop hoover on it but it didn't break skin at all there it was lower down the toe and where it did has heeled so can it be a scab that comes after the injury has healed. Not saying there anything serious I just really don't thinkit's a scab or blister, could it be a blood spot or something if so when do they heel? surley if its nothing and simple like he says it's gotta heal so what I'm asking is how long would you just leave it alone in his words? Other than these I don't have freckles or anything on my feet so they really stand out which is also why they alarmed me as they seemed to just appear rest of freckles I do have or moles on other areas of body are light brown and a lot smaller. Now feeling like not going back but I waited weeks to see if it would heal before going any way if it was nothing but its not going which is why I went in first place, the other one I'm sure could be a typical mole or freckle that's just appeared or could not be but he didn't even bother with that one so  don't know what to say about that. I'm really confused. Any help would be so greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. 

New mole/mole like spots on feet

22 Oct 2019 10:55 in response to Mumof297

Hello and thank you for posting a question.

 I am sorry to learn that you are concerned about some marks on your feet.  Although you gave us rather a lot of information I am not sure that I can be particularly helpful in suggesting what this might be .It is quite difficult  to diagnose someone from a description. Also I am not really an expert at non cancerous skin conditions. But as you have contacted a cancer organisation I gather that you are specifically worried that it might be cancerous. It is relatively uncommon for skin cancer to develop on the foot, but it can happen. The chances are that this is due to something else, but you did the right thing in getting it checked. GP's do see a lot of skin problems so they often do have expertise in this area. So it is good that your GP is not worried. But if your skin does not heal up it is perfectly acceptable for you to go back to see them again.

It is difficult to say how long it takes for skin to heal as this can vary. But I would say give it a few more weeks to see if it does.

I realise that I have not been able to be particularly helpful . But if you have any other questions you are welcome to get back to us, If you would like to telephone the number to call is  Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,