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Nervous for breast clinic appointment!

2 Dec 2019 20:25

I'm extremely nervous and worried! My appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I've been to the doctors cause I had pain and discomfort in my left breast and I could feel an oval lump. After he examined me he could feel that I had more thickness in that one. Two weeks later I'm still in pain and can't stop thinking the worst case scenario! I'm only 22 but that doesn't mean I couldn't get cancer so I'm finding it hard to keep my mind off of tomorrow not knowing what will happen also that I feel I'm wasting their time if they don't find anything and then being back to square one with the pain still. 

Nervous for breast clinic appointment!

2 Dec 2019 21:19 in response to Holliejx

Hello Hollie

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it is good news. Whatever the case, though, you should never worry that it is wasting their time. You have a concern and thats what they are there for. If they find nothing then it rules out that option and you can ask them what you do next for finding out about the cause. If they do find something then youre in the right place. Either way its not a waste of anyones time.

Take care