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Nervous about paying for a private consultation

13 Jan 2021 12:05

Hi, my GP has referred me to a gynaecologist following persistent pelvic pain. Blood tests and external ultrasound look normal but as symptoms are ongoing, she was happy to refer me on to a specialist. Due, I'm sure to current issues, I haven't had an appointment through and my GP agrees it may be good for me to go with a private consultant for diagnostic purposes. But:

 - If I had a private consultation and needed treatment, if at that point I was returned to the NHS (as I doubt I could afford treatment costs!), will I be penalised in any way for opting for some private care, and be put to the bottom of the waiting list?

- Does anyone know the rough cost of a CT scan and blood work?

- Has anyone else done this and how did it work for you? - Did the consultant try to "sell" you more tests etc? I'm worried that I need a conclusive answer about what's causing my pain, but I don't have unlimited funds to chase that answer!

Nervous about paying for a private consultation

13 Jan 2021 19:17 in response to epark


This is such a frequently asked question that the NHS has the answer on their website ;-)

Basically you can have any diagnostic tests done privately without it having an impact on your right to NHS treatment as these are separate things. What you couldn't do is have a CT scan privately, start treatment privately and then complete the treatment on the NHS. Your GP will be able to advise and recommend a private provider in your area - you may need a referral from your GP. 

Have you tried phoning the local CT appointments team and askng them to confirm that your referral has been received? I've done this in the past, explained  I was worried sick about the delay and said I'd be happy to take a cancelled appointment at short notice. On one occassion they said the referral hadn't been received, on another they had a cancelled appointment which I was happy to take. It's worth a try.

Best wishes


Nervous about paying for a private consultation

14 Jan 2021 14:58 in response to davek


Thankyou for your reply, and that NHS link was really helpful. I haven't been referred for a CT scan, but just to see a gynaecologist. I was thinking that they might recommend I have a CT scan (and I'd like to have one to be honest, to put my mind at rest), so then my choice would be to either pay for it and have the scan privately, or at that point, get put back into the NHS to wait for the scan.

So I was thinking that (if a CT scan isn't too expensive) I could see the consultant, have whatever diagnostic tests they think are required with them and then depending on the outcome, get put back into the NHS for treatment. Would that work do you think?

Nervous about paying for a private consultation

15 Jan 2021 14:09 in response to epark

Just thought I'd pop on and say private scans are not cheap, my friend has just had one done privately and it was over £1,000.  Davek is right, private consultation is not too expensive then you go back on NHS.  I had this done years ago and it was £175.00 but a lot more now, the consultant then saw me all the way through the treatment needed.  Good luck, Carol 

Nervous about paying for a private consultation

15 Jan 2021 14:52 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol,

Oh wow - that's expensive! Thanks  - that helps.