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Need advice

8 Feb 2018 19:25

Hi. I'm looking for some general advice. For over 7month I've experienced a UTI once a month. Where as I've had antibiotics to clear that up. Lower back pain that will not go away and also bleeding in-between sex and my cycle. Currently not on birth control. I've seen a doctor as I think I should have another smear as it all seems as if it could be related to cervical cancer but because I'm only 27 and had a smear a year ago witch came back  normal she will not agree as she thinks its just my hormones Ive pestered and pestered. Do u all think I should go private or am I being silly thinking the worse 

Re: Need advice

9 Feb 2018 00:28 in response to Cayla1233

Hi Cayla1233

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The cost of a private smear test would be around 150-200 quid. If you can afford that, and you think it would give you peace of mind, then it's worth considering.