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Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

20 Jan 2018 15:14

Hi guys,


I'm new to this forum, but ive read quite a few posts before deciding to post myself. I probably should stop reading posts to be honest, cause it just makes me worry more, haha! 

And I know I should wait for my results before stressing more BUT i'd love to hear if anyone had similar experiences.

In April 2017, I noticed what I thought at the time was a lymph node under my jaw line, on the left side of my neck. This is a common occurrence and even though I wasnt sick at the time, I figured my body might be fighting something off and I ignored it. 


After roughly 4 weeks.. the node was still there and the more I felt it, I realised it was two lumps next to eachother. One slightly smaller, but i could feel both easily and if i turned my head, they protrude slightly. They're really hard, and not really mobile. I went to the doctor, and he put me on a course of strong antibiotics and put it down to an infection. 

A week later, antibiotics finished, no change in lumps, the doctor put me on another, stronger course of antibiotics, still thinking infection. At this poing I'd not had any other symptoms of any kind.

Second course of antibiotics did nothing and now itd been 6 weeks. The doctor sent me for generic blood testing, not very concerned. Bloods all came back fine. I wanted him to do more, as i wasnt happy to just ignore this after so many weeks, so he did another set of bloods looking for more specific, but also broader things. Cat scratch fever etc. All came back fine again. At this point it'd been 8-9 weeks and no change, no results. 

The doctor seemed unconcerned but he sent me for an ultrasound to set my mind to ease. The ultrasound didnt show anything obviously sinister. The lumps measured at 2cm in diameter and 2.5cm in diameter. He said most likely lymph nodes and to ignore them now. He said the next step would be an FNA but only if he thought there was some thing sinister going on and he didn't. 

So, I let it get off my mind, and I kind of forgot all about it for a bit. Fast forward to December 2018 and I notice the lumps are both still there. I notice ive been feeling tired, struggling to get up in the mornings, low in energy, not going to the gym, a day at work exhausts me etc. The lumps feel pretty unchanged, not sore but can be uncomfortable to lay on sometimes im not sure why. I figure the tiredness could be due to it being christmas and being busy at work but i dont even know.

I went to a different doctor, wanting more answers this time. Again a series of blood tests and again nothing showing up. The only thing that changes was that my thyroid flares up - TSH fluctuates between being in the 2s to being in the 6s, but doc says thats fine and cant be causing enlarged lymph nodes. I tell him they first popped up in April and he seems alarmed so once he sees a course of strong antibiotics dont help at all, he writes an FNA referral. I did the FNA on Wednesday and I'm waiting for the results. Should be in by Tuesday, but ever since i did it, ive felt so uneasy and nervous. I cant keep it off my mind. 

Just some extra info that could be relevant 

Age: 25, no health issues, no history of lymphoma in family (history of bowel cancer tho, granfather)

Generally lead a very healthy lifestyle, i eat well, i barely drink, i dont smoke 

The only other thing that happened in April/May during the lymph node swelling was some face rashes - theyd last about a wk and nothing the doctors prescribed made them go down (steroid cream, antibiotics). It was red and blotchy with lumps on my cheeks and forhead mainly, hot and itchy. This hapoened three times, lasting a week to 9 days each time and then it stopped happening. Hasnt happened in months and unsure of cause. Other than this, no health problems.

Hoping to have some answers on Tuesday, but would love to hear if anyone had swollen lymph nodes for 6 months for no apparent reason and it was nothing to worry about?


Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

20 Jan 2018 20:14 in response to Bee123

Dear Bee, thanks for telling us the history of your swollen lymph nodes.  I haven't actually got any personal experience to share with you but am hoping someone will contact you.  If you type the words "swollen lymph nodes" in the box above your post headed "Search Forum" you will find previous posts on the subject.  I hope this may be of some help to you but I don't know enough to be sure.

My best wishes.  Annie

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

20 Jan 2018 20:41 in response to Bee123


I'm a bit surprised they didn't send you for an FNA sooner.  I had a lump in a similar place, and was told initially that it was nothing to worry about, but to go back if it didn't go down.  It carried on growing so I went back and was sent for a scan and FNA; the doctor who did the FNA referred me straight away to an ENT specialist just from the scan.

Until you get the results back, there is not a lot you can do, so you should try not to worry.  Lumps in the lymph nodes can occur for a number of reasons (not just cancer). 

I've been through the googling the internet to try and work out what I had, and was convinced I had incurable brain cancer at one point (I didn't of course)!

Try not to assume the worst until you have the results!  Even if it is cancer, you will get treated and chances are you'll be OK (I'm now free of throat cancer).

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 10:36 in response to ormsky

The waiting is the worst!

Two weeks it took for my FNA results. I got them back today and theyre inconclusive. My lumps grown, almost doubled in size and has now become uncomfortable/painful. I've been urgently referred to an ENT and for surgical removal of the node/s for a proper biopsy. So back to waiting for tests and results. Sigh!

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 13:31 in response to Bee123

How annoying!  When you go to ENT they may have a look inside your throat with a camera.  The camera goes up your nose and is quite uncomfortable (I have it done every two months).  It's only recently I realised if you try and completely relax it's actually not too bad.  My consultant could tell straight away from the camera that I probably had throat cancer and told me there and then even before the biopsy confirmed it.  You may be completely clear and the surgery may be all you need.


Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 13:52 in response to ormsky

Really? Thats amazing that he could tell just from seeing it via camera. Honestly, I just want to know what it is as this point so whatever it takes for them to confirm or rule it out is fine by me. 

Did you have other tests before hand or did they refer you straight to the ENT?


Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 15:11 in response to Bee123

When I went for my FNA, the doctor who did the scan/FNA said he wanted to refer me to ENT straight away so I guess he saw something on the scan that looked suspicious.

I saw the ENT before the FNA results came back (they do take a long time!).  The ENT told me it looked like cancer (even though my throat felt fine; all I had was lump on my neck).

The FNA results came back positive for the lump.

I then had an operation to take a biopsy from my throat, this also came back positive (the lump was a secondary cancer, my throat was the primary cancer).

I then start the treatment (I didn't have an operation to remove the lump on my neck, they used  radiotherapy to remove both cancers).

The whole process is a rollercoaster of emotions, but I know what you're going through - not knowing is horrible.  Once you know what it is and what the treatment will be, you are able to try and prepare yourself mentally for what's to come.

At least things are in motion and you will be getting the lump removed.  Hopefully the ENT may be able to give you move information.


Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 16:12 in response to ormsky

Wow that does sound like a rollercoaster of emotions. Did you have any other symptoms like fatigue or anything? Cancer is so bizarre, it really baffles me how and why it happens and how it's so different in everyone. 

Can I ask why they didn't remove your cancer surgically? Was it too risky? 

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

30 Jan 2018 16:37 in response to Bee123

The only the other symptom I had was my tinitus got worse; apparently nerves in your neck can affect your hearing!  So the lump may have been having some affect on that, I don't know for sure.  But really, other than the lump I was quite fit and didn't feel like there was anything wrong at all!

I don't know why they didn't surgically remove the lump.  Maybe it was deemed unecessary with me have chemo and radiotherapy?

As you say, cancer is bizarre.  At this point you don't even know if it is cancer.  I just hope you find out more when you see the ENT.

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

31 Jan 2018 09:07 in response to ormsky

Well at least youre a walking success story! 

I really really hope the ENT gives me some answers. I feel so frustrated, I feel like my case has really been mishandled by the GPs ive been going to - it's really bothering me that were testing for cancer and ive been getting told to ignore this for MONTHS or just getting antibiotics and sent on my way. I feel like thats what's bothering me the most. Ive been so persistent with them, and they just havent been taking me seriously. Only now that the lump is growing are they taking me seriously and I can't help but wonder if we left it too long. This is all so scary! 

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

31 Jan 2018 14:49 in response to Bee123

Yes, I hope you get to see ENT soon!  Don't assume the worst though, it could still be a number of other things.  If it is cancer, they spread at different rates.  I was told that the type I had does not spread very quickly.  I know it's hard, but you're doing all you can, so try and be positive.  I wish I could do more to help you, do you have family or friends who can support you while you're going though all this?  


Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

1 Feb 2018 15:13 in response to ormsky

I do! I have the most supportive partner and family. I'm going to not think about it until the ENT apt, no use stressing before i know what it is hey! Thanks for all the support Happy

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

14 Feb 2018 15:47 in response to Bee123

Update to anyone who follows this - had my ENT apt today, and a core biopsy. I should have answers by monday next week! The ENT doesnt think its presenting like cancer so im not really worried anymore but will update with the results anyway Happy

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

18 Oct 2018 12:21 in response to Bee123

Hi just out of interest what was your results if you don't mind me asking? I have also had the same symptoms and awaiting my results of my FNA I have also had a body scan and I'm on the dreaded wait for results, my mother had non Hodkins lymphoma, I have a few on my right lymph glands down my left side of my neck, and one in my right thyroid gland and also my groin, I also have raised white blood cells for over a year so yes Iam worried, I have also lost over 5 stones in weight and have night sweats really badly. I hope you are doing well. 

Neck Lumps and fatigue, waiting on FNA results

5 Dec 2018 14:21 in response to Bee123

Hi Bee123 hope all is well, I'm going through some test atm, as I was having pain in my throat for a while now, then noticed that my right side of my kneck had a slight lump, went to Drs, was referred for bloods, they came back all clear, then had scan, got a phone call within a few days that j need to be referred to a ENT Specialist which was done for the following week, went to see the DR in ENT, was told I had these in 2016, which have slightly grown, they are called thyroid Nodes?, Scan was done he asked a surgeon for second opinion who said does not looked benign non cancerous, and as my mother has a Goiter they would like to do a biopsy, which I agreed to, done that, and a endoscopy,  Dr said my throat looked clear, I also was sent for a CT Scan the following morning, everything was done really fast, I'm now waiting for all the result which are on the 14th of December, I have been having terrible anxiety, and panicking I'm going to be told something awful, I just keep crying as I'm a mummy to a big family. I hope you all are well and Bee123, are your test all clear Xxx