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12 Oct 2019 23:59

I Lost my nanna 4 years ago how do I cope


14 Oct 2019 20:23 in response to Ladsclub123

Hi Ladsclub123

Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with the loss of your Nanna. 

Grief is very personal. You might go through a range of feelings and could sometimes feel overwhelmed. The two things that help most are time and support. If you feel that you're struggling to cope with your thoughts and feelings then it's certainly worth talking to someone. It might be that you feel comfortable talking to your GP or you might find it useful to contact an organisation that offers support and advice to people in this situation, such as Cruse Bereavement Care.

I hope that this helps. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator


14 Oct 2019 21:41 in response to Ladsclub123

Hello I am in a similar situation I lost my mum 4 years ago as well and it's tough, you you think after 4 years you would feel better but it still hurts. I think talking about it definitely helps because if you just sit crying by yourself for hours it will just make you feel worse try talking to Macmillan maybe if you don't feel comfortable talking to a family memeber. Anyway I am extremely sorry for your loss and wish you all the best.