Together we will beat cancer



2 Aug 2017 13:02

My wonderful mother final bowel cancer journey she so brave I hope her journey will be pain free and peaceful one love her so much Sad  my heart broken words can't describe how I'm feeling at the moment it's all happen 2 fast

 she deteriorated so quickly it's hard 2 believe Sad I was only with her Thursday and talking 2 her thinking back it's

strange because I couldn't stop telling her how much I love her Sad everything happen 2 fast now . My mother phoned me Friday 2 tell me she was haven hospital bed Monday well she tried 2 she was so confused on phone in the end I had 2 tell her 2 put my niece on phone Sad Sunday I spoke 2 her on phone I asked if she ok she said yes little did I know the truth my mother always try and not show how she really is . My father phoned my partner 2 tell him that my mother had bed and she been deteriorated over the weekend why didn't they tell me Sad I went up Monday when I walked in the bedroom I couldn't believe how quickly she deteriorated she looked so ill . She also got syringe drive just looking at my mother she haven got long I just  sat in chair buy the side of her and cry Sad it's heartbreaking she got nurses back and 4 day and nite they put her in contents pads Monday seening my mother like this don't seem really . We new it was coming but I don't think u really prepare u self how do u  prepare 4 this Someone u love u so close 2 going die Sad yesterday I went 2 see her she don't speak she just sleeping she was twitching really bad when the nurses came 2 check on her I told them they give her injection 2 relax her . The nurse been great they know my mother they give her wash and made her comfortable she wasn't in any pain she was calm and sleeping so peaceful . My mother had comfortable nite early hours this morning my father phoned nurse because she twitching again so they came and give her another injection. My sister and niece are with her all the nurses are with her at the moment. I be going up later my heart broken I can't stop crying I can't  get my head around it all Sad I watched my gran pass away on the 19 June not from cancer that was hard now we here again with my mother she not going be long after my gran my mother mother . This is even harder 4 me watching my mother die slowly Sad I don't know what I'm typing I just can't think straight Sad it's waiting and not knowing is killing me Sad 












2 Aug 2017 21:52 in response to Gemini39

This is terrible for you,have gone through similar,I don,t know what I can say to make you feel better,but I send you lots of hugs and much love,please stay strong for your Mum if you can,you are in my thoughts x