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My neck and a lump

26 Mar 2020 01:07

I have Discovered that I got a lump on my neck it's no bigger than a large grape and that my mum thinks it's just my glands but it hurts and I'm very worried about it I'm only 15 and I can't tell if it's my Glands or something worse I can't go to my doctor because I'm only 15 I don't want to get my mum worried can you help me?

My neck and a lump

26 Mar 2020 16:26 in response to Kieran12

Hi and thanks for posting

Finding lumps can make people feel very anxious, but they are very common and the majority of them are nothing to do with cancer. Also, few people your age will have cancer if this is what you are worried about.

No one can say what this might be, but swollen lymph nodes in your neck can come up very easily, especially if you have had anything like a cough, cold ,inflammation or infection in the last few months.They can hang around for a while.

You may want to read more about this here 

It's ok to say you're worried about this to your mum and to have another chat with her. If after a while you are still worried, she can always have a chat with the GP about this.

Try and not worry about this and it may be an idea staying off google as it can only increase your anxiety without helpng.

All the best