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My mum is dying and I don't know what to do.

6 Aug 2020 17:20 in response to MyMumMyHero

My mum has terminal pancreatic cancer and a couple days ago they found a mass on her brain and it feels like the end of my world. I am so close to my mum and she is literally my best friend and now it feels like everything is slipping out of my hands. 


I have older siblings, three brothers, and they all have someone and I know that it will hurt them too but I also feel like I'm the only one to feel their world crash from underneath them and that might sound selfish but that's how i feel right now. 


Sadly we lost my dad to cancer nearly six years ago and this was the last thing we ever thought would happen and now it is and I feel so lost and alone. 

My mum is dying and I don't know what to do.

26 Aug 2021 20:19 in response to Sath

I am exactly in the same position with my mum. I'm 27 , a single mum and currently it's just us three living together. I have no idea what to do next. Seeing her deteriorating is breaking my heart and no doubt my 4yo will go through the same process as he loves his dear nana.  they have the greatest bond. 
we had got the news today and I was at work so rushed home to be with her. 
Im thankful that my family have come together to support and as a family we are trying to stay strong and think of ways in which we can give her what she needs in the time she has left. 
It's sinking in that this is a reality and it's really happening. I just didn't think it would be here and now. She's only 64 and has just separated from her husband. I've known her to be the strongest woman in my life and seeing her so weak is devistating. 
the feeling of just not knowing is crushing and knowing that I'm loosing her ... I just don't want to accept that fact. But prioritising what is really important is keeping my mind busy and knowing that I have to be strong for my boy is the only thing that is keeping me from breaking. 


My mum is dying and I don't know what to do.

13 Oct 2021 21:45 in response to Ionastar

Hi I know this was a couple of years ago but sorry for your loss xxx