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Re: My Journey Continues

18 Jan 2015 12:28 in response to jules54

Hello Jules how lovely little Zac had his first play in the snow,. little ones certanly keep us smiling .Jules you always did all you could for hubby and I know he would very proud of you tomoro and im sure all your forum friends will be thinking of you too .The weather is nice today sunny and 9.9 degs at the minute ,when I took Rusty out at 8 30 it was 3degs but didnt feel that cold ,I hope you have nice weather for your stroll this morning and treat yourself to something nice from the farmers market ..Take care lovely lady ,Love and hugs sent xx...Sueanne

Re: My Journey Continues

18 Jan 2015 13:19 in response to jules54

Dear Jules,  I am so pleased that evereything got sorted out.  Thank goodness for the helpful lady at the funeral directors.  Will be thinking of you tomorrow.  Hugs to you and your family.  Hope x

Re: My Journey Continues

19 Jan 2015 10:27 in response to Hope23

Thinking of you and your family today Jules. 



Re: My Journey Continues

19 Jan 2015 12:04 in response to Annabel

Hi Jules

Just to add our good wishes to all those you have already received!

We will be thinking of you today and we hope everything goes as well.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Jane on behalf of the Cancer Chat team

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 10:22 in response to Moderator Jane

Good morning Jules,

I hope yesterday went off okay. I bet there were some emotional moments for you and it must have brought many memories flooding back. You were in my thoughts a lot yesterday and I feel sure many people on here were also thinking of you.

Have you had any snow in your area this morning? We have been very lucky as we have only had a very light dusting but when I took Mrs B shopping, we saw several cars with deep snow on the bonnets driving around town. My youngest grandson has got a bad infection round the feeding button on his tummy. Their consultant has told my son that the infection may require an operation to sort it out as nothing seems to be working for him. It looks very sore  and painful but he still keeps smiling and making people laugh bless him. The courage our young people show at times make me feel small.

Take care Jules and please be assured, we are still thinking of you, Brian

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 11:09 in response to woodworm

Hi Jules,

Just a quick message to add to Brian's and hoping that everything went off as it should yesterday.

Thinking of you!

Garf. xx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 11:56 in response to GARF

Hello Jules as Brian and Garf have said ,We were thinking of you yesterday and know how hard it must have been for you ,and we are still thinking of you now ..I have posted pictures of Rusty and Button on Brians Amazing quotes thread that may make you smile ..Take care lovely lady hugs and kiss sent ..Sueanne Xx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 12:15 in response to sueanne
Dearest Jules, just another note from someone who admires you and loves you heaps. Thinking of you and yours. Kathy xxx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 13:18 in response to KathyS


Sending you and your family love and hugs x

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 13:39 in response to jules54
Just as your other forum friends have said, you were in my thoughts yesterday too. I'm still keeping you in my thoughts as I'm sure there will many reflective and emotional days to come. Take care sweetheart, we're all here when you need us, love and hugs Jo xx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 14:15 in response to jules54
Thinking of you today xx love Kerrie xx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 16:28 in response to Kezzaroo

Hi everyone

Just logged on and am totally overwhelmed (you sure as hell know how to bring out my emotions!!).  Thamk you all so much.  My hubby's celebration of life was so well attended it was 'shifted' to the larger chapel and despite the obvious sadness, we were as one in our thoughts and prayers as we bade a final goodbye. Many tears but also laughter as we all had our memories out for an airing in the three hours following the service. Beautiful buffet provided by his local drinking hole and a good few glasses raised (even if a lot were soft drinks ha ha) and we had some to take home for supper too!  The children and grandchildren came back and we had a very relaxed evening together (daughter and family stayed over so the boys could go to bed at normal time).

Today has been spent catching up with thank you notes and more paperwork plus tea and cake with friends at lunch time.  We managed to raise over £550 for the nominated charity who had helped hubby at the start of his journey - he would have been thrilled.

Brian, sorry to read about your Grandson's infection and do hope they can get him more comfortable very soon.  Our eldest has an emergency ENT appointment tomorrow (another half day off school) to follow up on a week of nosebleeds (the last one took over 2hrs to stem) and to see if they are going to cauterize.  I shall have Zack for a couple of hours (he has just cut tooth no.3 and it will be easier for daughter/son in law to concentrate rather than coping with both of them during the hospital appointment).

Once again thanks to all my forum friends for your continued love, prayers and support which is truly appreciated.  Hugs and kind thoughts to your all.  Jules xxx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 18:17 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, you've just climbed over another mountain and came down the other side still intact. You are one tough lady, but I'm sure there are times when you don't feel as strong as you appear. Many of us here on the forum have had you in our hearts and our prayers. Find some time to sit back now with your feet up and reflect on what you need. Sometimes we continue to put our own needs on the back burner while looking after a loved one, and that is how it is, but we still need to re-charge our own batteries from time to time.

Take care and stay in touch. Hugs


Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 21:41 in response to jules54
Hello Jules so glad that one of the hardest occasions went ok. I have been thinking of you and as Alexs funeral was in November it brought it all back. My family sounds very much like yours and have been very supportive. I am so glad that you are managing to get out. It's been pretty bad weather wise and apparently the temperature is to be minus twelve tonight with snow forecast. I won't be going out I ambabysitting two year old thomas the tank engine fanatic tomorrow. Take care speak to you soon Margaret

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jan 2015 23:07 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,  Was thinking of you yesterday and was glad to read that everything went as well as it could.  I know in the days ahead there will be difficult times, be kind to yourself and know that your forum buddies are here for you.  Hope x